Тест "Present Continuous" 3 класс «Spotlight»

Тема «Present Continuous»
К учебнику «Spotlight» 3 класс
1. Скажи, что происходит сейчас:
1) He (make a sandcastle) _____________________________now.
a) makes
b) is making
c) is make
2) I (play a game) ____________________________________now.
a) am playing
b) is playing
c) play
3) You (drive a car) __________________________________now.
a) is driving
b) driving
c) are driving
4) Look! Bob and John (run) ______________________________.
a) are running
b) runs
c) running
5) A baby (sleep) ___________________________ at the moment.
a) sleeping
b) is sleeping
c) is sleep
2. Скажи, что НЕ происходит в данный момент:
1) She (dance) _____________________________________now .
a) not dancing
b) is dancing
c) isn’t dancing
2) They (paint a picture) _____________________ at the moment.
a) is not painting
2. b) is not paint
c) are not painting
3) I (watch TV) ___________________________________ now.
a) amn’t watching
b) am not watching
c) isn’t watching
4) My mum (sleep) _________________________ at the moment.
a) not sleeping
b) doesn’t sleeping
c) isn’t sleeping
5) We (eat) _______________________________________ now.
a) don’t eating
b) doesn’t eating
c) aren’t eating
3. Спроси, что сейчас происходит:
1) Judy (count) now? ___________________________________
b) Is Judy counting?
c) Counting Judy?
2) You (fly a kite) now?_________________________________
a) You flying….?
b) Is you flying?
c) Are you flying?
3) Children (sleep) at the moment ?_________________________
a) Children sleep….?
b) Are children sleeping?
c) Is children sleeping?
4) Mice (climb) now?__________________________
a) Are mice climbing?
b) Is mice climbing?
c) Climbing mice?
5) He (play) now? ________________________
a) He playing? b) Am he playing? c) Is he playing?