Конспект урока "What does it mean to be a patriot today? (Кто такой патриот сегодня?)"

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для учеников 10-11
Составила: Клименко Татьяна Петровна, учитель английского языка ,
МОУ» Стрелецкая СОШ»
Тема: « What does it mean to be a patriot today?"(« Кто такой патриот
Цель: воспитание чувства патриотизма, долга перед родиной и перед своей
семьей, воспитание нравственности учащихся, ответственности за свои
1. Обучающие- совершенствовать речевые и грамматические навыки
учащихся в высказывании своих мыслей на английском языке;
активизировать лексические навыки по теме:патриотизм в разделе: «In
your culture»; практиковать монологическую и диалогическую речь;
закрепить изученный грамматический материал(Present Simple ,Past
Simple,Future Simple,Present Perfect with Active and Passive Voices).
2. Развивающие- развить коммуникативные навыки учащихся, творческие
способности учащихся ,способности к поиску, изучению и
использованию страноведческого материала на английском языке,
способности к комбинированию и трансформированию речевых единиц,
способности осуществлять продуктивные речевые действия
3. Воспитывающие- способствовать воспитанию патриотических чувств
учащихся, воспитывать любовь к своей Родине, создавать условия,
направленные на формирование нравственных качеств: доброты,
гуманности, солидарности, развивать у учащихся познавательный
интерес, критическое мышление, способность к определению
собственной жизненной позиции
Оборудование: мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, анкета с заданиями,
флаг России
Место проведения: актовый зал.
Ход мероприятия:
1.Организационный момент
Ведущий1: Good morning, my friends! I am glad to see you.
Ведущий 2: Good morning, my friends! I am glad to meet you
2. Вводная часть. The song sounds. It is called where Motherland stats.
Where the motherland starts?
From the picture in your primer
With good and faithful friends
Living in a neighboring yard
May be it starts
With those songs that the mother sang to us
With that in any tests
We have no one to take away
Ведущий 1: (читает стихи)
I am a patriot. I love the Russian air,
I love the Russian land.
I believe that nowhere in the world
We will not find such second country
Ведущий 2: (читает стихи)
The Kremlin stars
Above us burn,
Their light reaches everywhere!
Good homeland the boys have
And better the country
Ведущий 1: We have started our meeting with the poems by N. Kogan and S.
Mikhalkov. Look at the screen? What can you see? What shall we do at the lesson?
Ведущий 2: The topic of the lesson is what it means to be a patriot today? We
will discuss about patriotism, conduct a survey among high school students, pick
up quotes , fill in the questionnaire, make a multimedia presentation, draw posters
Ведущий 1 How do you understand what patriotism is? What each of you sees
your Patriotic service to the Motherland?
Ведущий 2: Are you ready today to all sacrifices and feats in the interests of your
Ведущий 1:I suggest students will be divided into 2 groups. They should record
their suggestions on a sheet of paper
Ведущий 2: The group which will provide the correct definition of patriotism will
be the winner
3. Основная часть
Ведущий1: In the National doctrine of education in the Russian Federation as a
priority put forward the task of formation of socially active citizen: "The education
system aims to provide education of Russian patriots, citizens of a legal,
democratic, social state that respects rights and freedom of the person and have
high morals..."
Ведущий2: The new Federal law "On education in the Russian Federation" says
that one of the principles of the state policy in the field of education is civic
education in the spirit of respect for the rights and freedoms of man, love of
country and family."
Ведущий1: Look at the explanatory dictionary of Dalja : "Patriot is one who
loves Fatherland, loyal to his people, ready to sacrifice and heroic deeds in the
name of interests of the Motherland.
Ведущий2: More clearly given moral content of this notion in the philosophical
dictionary: "Patriotism (gr. Patris - Fatherland), - it is told in it, - a moral and
political principle, social sense, the content of which is love of country, loyalty to,
pride for its past and present, desire to protect the interests of the Motherland".
Ведущий1:I am going to ask you some questions.
1) What do foreign writers and poets speak about patriotism?
2) What do Russian writers and poets speak about patriotism?
3) What is the symbolism of Russia?
4) How do you distinguish between "Russian" and "Russian"?
5) How do you feel about the purity of Russian speech?
6) How and when is it neсessary to begin a Patriotic education?
7) What is the independent formation of the personality of man?
8) What is mutual aid?
Ведущий2: I'm going to give you a questionnaire. You have to choose main
definition of the patriot.
Patriot is
Everyone who loves the place where he was born
Who loves and does not forget his mother, his home
Who proudly acknowledges that there is no country better than ours.
The one who not only loves, but protects environment - ready to defend the
Who defends the prestige of your country
Who knows state symbols
Who is willing to give motherland all powers and abilities
Who decorates the home with their work
Who builds future, linking it only with the Motherland
Who knows native language
Who knows the history of the country, proud of ancestors
4.Подведение итогов.
Ведущий1: The students of the groups have made a multimedia presentation
Look at the screen.
Slide №1. Patriotism means not only love for their homeland. It's much more... It
is the consciousness of his inalienable from their homeland and integral to the
experience together with her happy and her miserable days. Tolstoy.A.N.
Slide № 2. Patriotism consists not in the shouts and lush common areas, but in the
hot sense of love of country that can speak without shouting and is not within the
delight from good, but in a morbid hostility to evil, inevitably it happens in every
ground, therefore, in any country. Nekrasov N.A.
Slide № 3. A patriot is a person that serves the Motherland is first and foremost
the people. Chernyshevsky N.G.
Slide № 4. Patriotism is a savage virtue, which shed ten times more blood than all
the vices together. A. I. Hertsag
Slide № 5. The power of patriotism is always proportional to the number of
attachments in her personal work: tramps and spongers always been alien to the
sense of the Motherland L. M. Leonov
Ведущий2: I think that we have two winners.
Reflection on the results of the study:
- What made you think about our conversation today?
- What did you feel when discussing problems?
- Did you have an initial view on the problem of patriotism in our country?
Ведущий1: Patriots are not born, they become. And no matter how much
anyone talked about patriotism, it's all words. The truth is in the soul. We believe
that you were sincere and felt themselves patriots of our Motherland.
Ведущий2: Our meeting came to an end. We would like to believe that you have
understood us and we have managed to inspire you at least a spark of that warm
feeling is called patriotism love for Motherland. This feeling has been dormant in
man for a long time, it awakens when you are away from the country. Goodbye.
All the best to you.
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