Промежуточная диагностическая работа по английскому языку 8 класс (с ответами)

Содержание промежуточной диагностической работы по английскому языку 8 класс.
1. Reading (Чтение)
Read the following text and mark the statements as T (true), F (false) or NS (not
Since school is the place where you spend a good part of your day, it's a good idea
to have a few rules regarding classroom etiquette in mind.
To begin with, it's always nice to greet your teacher and the other students when
you walk into the classroom. If you go to class after the lesson has already started, it's
polite to apologize to your teacher. During the lesson, you need to respect your
classmates, as well as your teacher. That means you should pay attention to others when
they're speaking to the whole class, and you shouldn't talk to those next to you while the
teacher is trying to explain something.
Of course, all this doesn't mean that the classroom environment needs to be strict
and boring. Your teacher will certainly appreciate it if you have something funny to share
with the rest of the class. Also, if you have any fresh and creative ideas about a class
project or trip, your teacher will be more than willing to hear about them. After all,
teachers run out of ideas too! Remember, teachers were once students themselves, and
they know very well that every now and then, the class needs to do something different
from their usual routine and, above all, they know that learning should be fun!
1. You should never talk when entering the class.
2. If you are late, you need to bring a note from your parents.
3. You should never talk in the classroom.
4. It's OK to tell a joke in the classroom.
5. You should feel free to make any suggestions related to school matters to your teacher.
2. Grammar (Грамматика)
Choose the only variant.
1) David Beckham …for Manchester United and Real Madrid.
a. played b. have play c. has played
2) Are you good at tennis? I am ..... tennis player in the world.
a. the worst b. bad c. worse
3) Do you get … pocket money?
a. some b. many c. much
4) Look! It …
a. rains b. is raining c. have rained
5) She … English twice a week.
a. has studied b. studying c. studies
6) What subjects did you …?
a. like b. liked c. is liking
7) Have you got a …size?
a. big b. the biggest c. bigger
8) I … watched the Olympics on TV.
a. have b. has c. am
9) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle … a Scottish crime writer.
a. is b. was c. has been
10) …you prefer Science or Art?
a. does b. have c. do
3. Communication (Коммуникативные умения)
Match two parts of the situation.
1) Hope to see you soon!
2) Go straight on here about 100 meters.
3) How was your journey?
4) Do they fit OK?
5) How much are they?
a) They’re 3000 rubles.
b) Oh, it was great! I don’t mind flying!
c) No, they are too small. Have you got a bigger size?
d) Lots of love, Mark.
e) Thank you very much.
Содержание верных ответов (Ключи)
1. Reading (Чтение)
1. F
2. NS
3. F
4. T
5. T
2. Grammar (Грамматика)
1. c
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. c
6. a
7. c
8. a
9. b
10. c
3. Communication (Коммуникативные умения)
1) - d
2) c
3) b
4) c
5) a