Тематический сценарий урока- концерта "Тhе75th anniversary of great victory"

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Конспект внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку
Тематический сценарий урока- концерта «Тhе75th anniversary of great victory »
Выполнила: учитель английского языка
Серёгина Зинаида Ивановна
В данной разработке праздничного тематического концерта представлены разнообразные
номера - стихи ,сценки, песни, которые исполняются учениками разных возрастов. Участие в
такой форме обучения мотивирует учащихся к изучению иностранного языка, повышению к нему
интереса , помогает творчески проявить себя , показать свой талант и свой уровень владения
иностранным языком , формирует коммуникативную компетентность в процессе общения в
творческой деятельности , развивает эстетическое сознание через освоение творческой
деятельности эстетического характера
Конспект внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку
Тематический сценарий урока- концерта «Тhе75th anniversary of great victory »
ведущий 1: читает на экране слова , фоном служит картинка победного дня и тихо звучит
мелодия песни ДЕНЬ ПОБЕДЫ
(На экране ГРОЗА НАД ЛЕНИНГРАДОМ .Раннее утро .Мать и сын дома. Фон- раскаты грома. )
Спящий сын вскрикивает : I want to live and not to die,
I want to laugh and not to cry.
I want to feel the summer sun.
I want to sing when life is fun.
( Мама подходит и обнимает )
Мама :
Outside, thunder crashes!
Outside, lightening flashes!
Outside, wild rain lashes!
Inside, we are safe.
Inside, we are warm.
Inside, there is comfort.
Outside, there is STORM! ( стих H. H. Moore )
A peace storm.
ведущий 2 читает :На экране картинки блокадного города и тихая мелодия РЕКВИЕМ :
In September 1941 Fascist came up to Leningrad. The city was besieged. The blocade lasted for 900
days. People died from starvation and bitter cold. People got 125 grams of bread per person a day.
The city was bombed every day. Hitler was sure it was impossible to live through such situation , but the
city stood firm. For exceptional heroism of its citizens the Hero City has been awarded the Order of
ведущий 1 призывает : STAND UP AND SING THE SONG TOGETHER ! На экране картинки Плакат
РОДИНА МАТЬ ЗОВЁТ и слова песни и мелодия ВСТАВАЙ , СТРАНА ОГРОМНАЯ ! .Солист (ы ) поют
песню :
Get up ,our boundless country ,
Get up to mortal war
Against the darkest fascist force
Against the damned horde .
Get up and let the noble rage
Вoil like a stormy wave.
A Sacred War is going on .
It *s time to fight and pray.
Don't let the black and evil wings
Fly over Motherland .
On our enormous fields
We don't allow to stand .
ведущий 2 : ( На экране картинка подвига –солдат собой закрывает амбразуру пулемёта - и фото
Панкратова А. Тихая мелодия времён ВОВ )
During the Great Patriotic War more than 400 Soviet soldiers performed an extraordinary feat : Like
Alexander Pankratov who was the first to do it , they threw themselves in front of fascist machine gun
ports for anti infantry purpose to stop them firing.
ведущий 1 : For Russian children the Second World War was the end for their childhood. Remember
children’s sufferings and heroism . The story A HANDFUL OF SAND is performed now( На экране дети
войны . Далее идут картинки по сюжету рассказа : 4 чтеца выступают с литературным чтением
рассказа A HANDFUL OF SAND .).
Student 1 : Vanya knew that the fascists were retreating from Moscow and the Soviet soldiers would
soon come to his village.
In the morning he saw the enemy tanks rolling along the street. Vanya*s grandfather told him to keep
quiet in the cellar. When the street became quiet, Vanya crawled out of his place and saw that fascists
had dug several deep pits not far from the road. In one of them he saw a German “ Tiger “tank with a
huge gun.
Firing began. Just then two Soviet tanks appeared on the road .The enemy tank fired and immediately
crawled into another pit. Then it fired again. Vanya understood the enemy*s trick.
* * *
Student 2 : Suddenly the firing stopped. Our tanks had retreated. Vanya looked out again . The fascists
sat down on the ground and began eating .A brilliant idea came to him how to help our men. He left his
hiding place and walked bravely towards the enemy soldiers with a pot of cream in his hands. When
they saw the pot in Vanya*s hands they smiled.
They took the pot from him and began eating the cream without paying attention to the boy . Vanya
came up to the tank , seized a handful of sand and threw it into the gun. Then another one.
* * *
Student 3 : Suddenly he heard a loud noise . A big Soviet tank was moving along the road firing without
stopping but the shell burst in one of the empty pits. The fascists rushed to their tank. Soon Vanya
heard a terrible explosion. The enemy tank stood in its place without its gun.
Vanya*s grandfather could not believe his own eyes. At that moment the Soviet tank rushed into the
village. The Soviet soldiers wondered how the German “ Tiger “tank blew up all by itself.
* * *
Student 4 : Vanya*s grandfather told our men how little Vanya had played the same trick on him .The
gun burst in his hands when the old man went hunting.
The Soviet soldiers began throwing the boy up into the air shouting : « Hurrah ! “ The commander
shook him by the hand and thanked Vanya like a real soldier and a hero.
ведущий 2 : They say AN INGENIOUS SOLDIER*S MITTEN GOES OFF. In those difficult times Soviet
people did not lose their sense of humour. It helped them to overcome troubles. Chastushkas were
often sung.( группа исполнителей и карикатуры войны на экране)
Once in June Hitler appeared
In the Russian hole ( захолустье ).
But he couldn*t understand
Our Russian soul!
* * *
The fascists hardly could expect
Russian soldiers * attack.
We showed Hitler our tut ( неодобрение ):
«Hitler kaput ! «.«Hitler kaput ! «
* * *
Fascists crossed a river slowly.
Outside it *s cold and snowy.
They were smart and looking good ,
*Cause of frost in awful mood.
* * *
Dressed like bear in the wood ,
I have got the only gun.
Fascist army is afraid
Of me , a Russian partisan.
* * *
Our Soviet soldiers
Hate war , like satire .
Triumphantly enter Berlin ,
Europe will admire .
ведущий 1 : Soviet soldiers were brave but believed in God*s help. ( ученик в образе солдата войны
и девочка с образом Девы Марии в руках читают стих на английском и на русском )
Сonceived without Sin , Maria ,
Confer a medal on me and
Let me have it at my bosom
For deed of arms .
More I could not expect.
«To decorate you with a medal
I am not really entitled.
I give you more ,
I give you saving Russia
And my sharing your pride .”
- Непорочная дева,
Ты меня награди,
Чтоб за правое дело
Орден был на груди!
- Орденами не в силе
Грудь украсить твою,
Но спасенье России
Я тебе подарю!
ведущий 2 : Every soldier wrote letters to his family (6 учеников в военной форме читают стих ,
играя сценку , как будто солдаты пишут письма домой )
Wait for me, and I’ll be back,
You should wait me strong.
Wait for me when sky is black
And the sun has gone,
Wait for me when it is cold,
And when it is hot,
Wait for me when others don’t,
’Cause they just forgot.
Wait in case you don’t receive
Letters from the front,
Wait, and I will outlive,
If you really want.
Let my relatives believe
That I am the past,
Let my friends forget and give
Funeral repast.
They will hardly understand,
How I could survive.
Waiting me from foreign land,
You have saved my life.
Let them say that it’s too late.
What you feeling tells?
I’ll be back, because you wait
Like nobody else.
ведущий 1 : Hitler wanted our country to wipe off the face of the Earth. But he was mistaken. Every
year in May we celebrate our GREAT VICTORY and sing this song. (The Victory song поёт участник или
участники . На экране салют Победы )
Our Victory was so far away
Like the fire of a melting piece of coal.
There were miles away, burned in dust, -
All the best we did to hasten it to us.
The Day of Victory!
Gunpowder smells !
The celebration-
Gray hair at the temples !
The elation
With the tears in the eyes !
The Day of Victory!
The Day of Victory!
The Day of Victory!
Meet us , Mother,
Home few of us return.
We*d run barefoot in any dewy lawn.
Half of Europe, half of our Land we passed
All the best we did to hasten it to us.
ведущий 2 : It is useful sometimes to recall your past in order to stronger value your present.
Иногда полезно вспомнить прошлое, чтобы сильнее ценить настоящее.
Down with all war!
We want no more.
People stand up for your children.
Sing everyone -
Peace must be won,
Dark clouds must not hide the sun.
May there always be sunshine.
May there always be blue skies.
May there always be mummy.
May there always be me.
ведущий 1 : Whether the weather is fine
Or whether the weather is not.
We won*t weather the invaders
Whether they like it or not.
Our concert is over . Peace and friendship to you !
В. С. Харитонов ,Е. А. Чембулатов, Т. Г . Переверзева УЧЕБНИК АНГЛИЙСКОГО ЯЗЫКА для 6 класса
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Стихотворение ( Николай Глазков — Разговор бойца с Богородицей ) –Перевод Серёгина З.И.
Частушки . Серёгина З.И.
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