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TRADITIONAL ENGLISH FOOD Составитель: Лукьянчикова Л.А., учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ №27 г. Курска They say that English people keep to their traditions even in meals. The English usually have four meals a day: breakfast tea lunch dinner or supper In England breakfast time is between seven and nine, lunch time is between twelve and two, tea is between four and five, dinner or supper time is between seven and ten. English Meals Breakfast in the morning, Lunch in the day, Tea comes after lunch, Then comes time to play. Supper in the evening When the sky is red, Then the day is over And we all go to bed. The traditional English breakfast is a very big meal. It consists of cereal and fruit juice, eggs with bacon, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms and tomatoes, toasts with butter, marmalade or jam and a cup of tea or coffee. The traditional English breakfast is called the “full English”. In fact English people don’t often have “full English breakfast”. They have just one of these things with a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes they call it “continental breakfast”. Many English people like porridge very much. They usually eat it for breakfast. They like to eat porridge with milk and sugar. Sweet porridge Sweet porridge hot, Sweet porridge cold, Sweet porridge in the pot, Nine days old. Some like it hot, Some like it cold, Some like it in the pot, Nine days old. Lunch is a light meal. Most people have no time to go back home for lunch, so they go to the café. Soup, sandwiches, fruit and salads are usual lunch for English people. Most people in England eat sandwiches for their lunch. There are a lot of sandwich shops in London. You can buy all sorts of sandwiches in these shops. You can get meat sandwiches, salad sandwiches, cheese, egg or fish sandwiches. You can even buy fruit sandwiches. English boys and girls usually take packed lunches in their lunch boxes to school. They like to eat oranges, apples, bananas, jam sandwiches, cheese and ham sandwiches, raisins, yoghurt and chocolate. English people like tea very much. They drink a lot of tea. They have tea for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner or supper. English people drink tea from cups, not from glasses. They like to have tea with milk. Tea-time is at 4 or 5 o’clock. Some English families have two or three cups of tea at tea-time. On the table there is tea, milk or cream, sugar, bread, cakes and jam. Some English families have “high tea” or “big tea” and no supper. The evening meal is dinner or supper. It is the biggest and the main meal of the day. The most typical dinner is “meat and two vegs”. It consists of a piece of meat and two different boiled vegetables. One of the vegetables is almost always potatoes. Many English families follow their main evening meal with a dessert. They like to eat puddings for dessert. Most puddings only need simple ingredients such as flower, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, bread and fruit. One question children almost always ask at dinner time is “What’s for pudding, Mum?” The most important meal of the week is Sunday dinner. It is known as Sunday Roast. The traditional main dish used to be roast beef, but nowadays pork, lamb or chicken are more common. It’s time for families to get together and share a good meal. Fish and chips is English traditional take-away food. It is a hot dish consisting of fried battered fish and hot potato chips. People like to add salt and vinegar, peas, tomato ketchup or curry sauce. There are thousands of Fish and Chips shops all over Britain. Locals and tourists all love to visit them. The British have a sweet tooth. That means they like eating sweet things such as puddings and pies, biscuits and buns, cakes and rolls, jam and marmalade. For the British any time is eat-a-sweet-time. During holidays like Christmas or Easter and on special days the British eat even more sweet things. Who Likes What? Some of us like brown bread, Some of us like white, Some of us eat a lot of meat, Some don’t think it’s right. Some of us like apples, Some drink juice at night, Some of us eat many sweets, Some don’t think it’s right. Welcome to Britain!