Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс 1 полугодие УМК Биболетова М.З.

Контрольная работа. 5 класс 1 полугодие. По УМК Биболетова М.З.
I. Выберите слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному. (5 баллов)
1) to have a picnic a) to stay b) to arrange c) to visit
2) trip a) travel b) programme c) weekend
3) to stay a) to kiss b) to go out c) to visit
4) to go out a) to propose b) to invite c) to walk
5) weekend a) group b) day out c) situation
II. Выберите и вставь слово, подходящее по смыслу. (5 баллов)
1) I’d like to invite a … of students to visit us.
a) invitation b) programme c) group d) form
2) Our … programme was very rich: we visited a lot of places.
a) local b) social c) foreign d) computer
3) Our school will be … for the costs of accommodation.
a) responsible b) glad c) interested d) going to
4) The students will … with British families.
a) stay b) invite c) miss d) arrange
5) Let’s … a picnic at the weekend.
a) arrange b) play c) propose d) have
III. Выберите правильное окончание вопроса. (5 баллов)
1) She doesn’t like coffee, …?
a) does she b) isn’t she c) doesn’t she
2) My brother enjoys reading, …?
a) isn’t he b) does he c) doesn’t he
3) You can play the guitar, …?
a) don’t you b) can’t you c) can you
4) My parents travelled a lot last summer, …?
a) didn’t they b) don’t they c) didn’t we
5) Those women are doctors, …?
a) are we b) aren’t they c) don’t they
IV. Напишите правильное окончание вопроса. (5 баллов)
1) They will arrange the date and time of our meeting, ...?
2) Her pen friend studies at a Local State School in London, ... ?
3) Our parents don't play sports, ...?
4) My sister can speak and read German well, ...?
5) Linda's friends were responsible for the music, ...?
V. Выберите правильную форму. (3 балла)
1) Barbara Grey … going to visit Russia.
a) am b) is c) are
2) The English partners … going to be responsible for the costs of accommodation.
a) am b) is c) are
3) … am going to play football on weekend.
a) I b) You c) She