Презентация "Школьный вебсайт"

Подписи к слайдам:
Welcome to our school website our school Teachers and subjects.
  • Nina Yumangulova – the teacher of Mathematic.
  • Olga Zhukova - life safety, technology, social studies, history.
  • Victoria Rasimovna Kovalskaya - music, technology, biology, My Computers.
  • Tamara Makarova - geography, geometry, clever and clever.
  • Olga Galkina - PE.
  • Lyudmila Glushenkova - Russian language and literature.
  •                                      Elementary School.
  • 1)Olga Krysina.
  • 2)Tamara Y. Sokolova.
  • 3)Elena Petrushevskaya.
Look at me!
  • My name is Elena. I am in the 5 th form.
  • I live in Novaya Racheyka. My favourite colours are light green, red. I like to read fantastic books. All people think I'm athletic. It is Ok.
Feoktistova Alexander O.
  • My name is Sasha. I study at 5th form.
  • I adore our class. We spend time together
  •  My favourite film is "Gary Potter"
  • My favorite colors are blue, flower rose.
Our class!
  • Our class is very friendly. We help each other, know everything that is not clear.
  • We always take part in the school. So Shmonin Vladimir was the first in the competition of Denis Dovydov. He won the prize.
Our Girls
  • The end