Годовая итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс

Годовая итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку
9 класс.
Name________________Surname __________________Class_9___
1.I definitely know that this shop _____________at 10 o'clock.
A)opens B)is opening C)have opens D)will have opened
2. It _____________dark, when I saw the land at last.
A)got B)was getting C)had been getting D)getting
3.Peter __________the paper when I interrupted him.
A)reads B)was reading C)were reading D)read
4. One day last April, I________a very strange letter.
A)did get B)got C)was getting D)used to get
5.She____________as a nurse for 5 years before she entered the medical college.
A)had worked B)works C)worked D)had been working
6.Peter ______a shower at the moment. Could you call back in about half an hour?
A)takes B)is taking C)has taken D)has been taking
7.Where_____________to school?
A)did you go B)you did go C)you go D)you went
8.Mike left the class early because he __________a headache.
A)have B)had C)used to have D)was had
9.Tom __________football on Saturday.
A)plays B)played C)was playing D)is playing
10.We ______________here yesterday.
A)arrive B)arrived C)had arrived D)was arrived
11. I _____________the poem now.
A)am learning B)learn C)was learning
12.He ___________ invest his money in property.
A)was decided B)decided C)decide D)is being deciding
13.I sometimes ___________coffee with my friends in the morning.
A)has had B)am having C)have D)had
14.What _____your brother______now?
A) are, do B)is, doing C)was,doing D)does, do
15.I ________eat ice cream every day.
A) doesn't B)am not C)don't C)wasn't
16. If you________your breakfast you will be hungry later.
A)aren't eating B)don't eat C)doesn't D)will not eat
17.The plane __________at 8 o'clock.
A)takes off B)is taking off C)take off D)will take off
18. I promise I___________you tide the house.
A)will help B)help C)am helping D)would help
19.Young people are often ___________than old people.
A)wiser B)the wiser C)more wise
20.Which instrument makes ________music in the world?
A)a beautiful B)the most beautiful C)more beautiful
21.Which is_________:five, fifteen or fifty?
A)the least B)less C)little
22.The damage to the car could be______than we expected.
A)bad B)worse C)the worse D)the worst
23.I play tennis _____than my friend does.
A)the worst B)worse C)badly D)badlier
24.A whale is______than a dolphin.
A)long B)longer C)the longest
25.This is ______problem she has ever had.
A)the greatest B)a greater C)a great
26.I think dogs are ____________than cats.
A)intelligent B)more intelligent C)the most intelligent
27.Ben says he is feeling much________after all his illness.
A)better B)the best C)good
28.The Pacific is ______ocean in the world.
A)deep B)the deepest C)deeper
29.Don't you know that the Dead Sea is__________sea?
A)the saltiest B)a salty C)a saltier
30.The weather was not very good yesterday,but it is ____________today.
A)the best B)gooder C)better
31.The amazing collection of poems____________in 1980.
A)was published B)had been published C)published D)was publish
32.I_______by the appearance of my sister.
A)was shocked B)was been shocked C)shock D)shocked
33.Some antique vases ___________in the old house.
A)were found B)found C)are find D)is found
34.It is a big plant. For hundred people________there.
A)are employed B)employ C)employed D)are employ
35.Most of the Earth's surface_________with water.
A)covers B)is covered C)cover D)is cover
36.The experiment was made ________a famous scientist.
A) with B) of C)in D)by
37.The sky is covered ______clouds.
A) with B) of C)in D)by
38.Can you open the door of your flat ______this key?
A) with B) of C)in D)by
39.This book has been written _____three authors.
A) with B) of C)in D)by
40.In his childhood he used to be beaten _________a stick.
A)by B)with C)in D)-
41.My parents were married _____a priest in a tiny little church.
A)with B)in C) - D)by
42. Soup is eaten _________a spoon.
A)with B)- C)by D)on
43. People should not get a pet if they can't take care_______it.
A)about B)to C)of D)into
44.Many of animals in the shelter have been rescued_________bad homes.
A)from B)into C)about D)of
45.Dina burst __________tears when she saw the neglected animals.
A)from B)about C)into D)with
46.Have you heard ______Mike lately?
A)of B)about C)from D)in
47.They felt very nervous _______going into the haunted house.
A)on B)about C)of D)into
48.Creating a robot is much more difficult ______practice than ____theory.
A)on, in B)in, on C)on, on D)in,in
49.She relies ________the Internet to keep informed about global events.
A)from B)of C)to D)on
50.If you show kindness ______an animal, it will be a loving pet.
A)to B)about C)with D)from