Презентация "Our world has many faces" 8 класс

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Our world has many faces Presentation is made by English Teacher – Litvinova Svetlana Leonidovna; The 8th Form Student – Kuznetsova Elizaveta Novocherkassk – 2019 In our world there are many things that a person can do. They are diverse hobbies, sports, branches of art, science and even social networks. Now a person in the choice of hobbies is not limited to almost nothing. Types of sports
  • Now there are many kinds of sports that people can do for fun. Some of them are:
  • -football
  • -volleyball
  • -big tennis
  • -synchronized swimming
  • -skating
Football, volleyball and tennis help to keep fit. This outdoor sports games that can be played by both adults and adolescents. Football for the most part is considered a "male" game, but women's football also exists. Synchronized swimming and figure skating also help to keep yourself in shape, but more help to develop a good stretch, which is also useful. These sports can be practiced by people of any age, although the elderly can be difficult to skate. But some already in old age continue to do so, which is commendable. Sport is good for health, and is accessible to all, even people with disabilities. Now the world is hosting the Paralympic games, in which people with disabilities are free to engage in their favorite sports and earn awards. Social media activities
  • Now the Internet is very helpful for people to find interests and acquaintances. In different social networks, there are groups with different interests, where people discuss their favorite things, share their successes, discuss possible meetings with people from their city and much more. These "interest groups" also have several varieties:
  • - asks
  • - fandom groups
  • - role playing chat rooms
  • - groups with creativity
Asks and role-playing chat rooms give the opportunity to visit in the shoes of your favorite character from games/movies/books/comics/musicals or which you created with your own hands. In asks, depending on their type, people answer questions on behalf of the characters, or ask questions to these same characters. Asks are drawing, text or voice. In role-playing chats people describe a variety of subjects or scenes from the faces of your favorite characters. Usually in these chat rooms a lot of people. All this is extremely friendly and helps people to show their talents in different areas. Fandom groups and creative groups often contain artistic and / or written creativity. People come there to enjoy good drawings, animations and stories about their favorite thing. Also in fandom groups often posted information about meetings with other people or things like that. Types of art
  • At the moment, there are many types of art that can be engaged in a person, and this list is growing more and more. Some of them are:
  • - drawing
  • - singing
  • - embroidery
  • - clay modeling
Embroidery and clay modeling are soothing and pleasant art forms, despite their complexity. If you learn and understand the concept of action, it is addictive and helps to distract from the problems and bustle. Works no worse than sedatives, although embroidery can be some problems due to sharp needles. Drawing and singing are much more complex than embroidery and modeling, however, despite this, these kinds of art are also incredibly exciting. Also, at the end of the music or art school, you can get a certain diploma, which gives some advantage when entering the Institute for the artist, desiner, singer or musician. That's all! Thank you for your attention!