Конспект урока "Treasure Island" 4 класс

Конспект урока по английскому языку для 4 класса «Treasure Island»
Учебник: Английский с удовольствием: учебники для 4 класса общеобразовательных
учреждений / М.З. Биболетова, О.А. Денисенко, Н.Н. Трубанева. – Обнинск.: Титул,
Тема урока: Treasure Island
Тип урока: обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Having a good time with your
Вид урока: урок-путешествие
Цель урока: Повторение и закрепление пройденного материала по теме «Having a good
time with your family»
Задачи урока:
Понимать речь учителя и одноклассников в процессе диалогического общения.
Повторить лексику по теме «Моя семья»
Расставлять слова в предложении в правильном порядке
Вставлять глаголы в прошедшем простом времени
Спеть песенку «If you are happy and you know it….»
Повторить образование времен Present Simple и Past Simple.
Перевести предложения по теме «Домашние обязанности»
Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, презентация Power Point,
раздаточный материал ( карточки с заданиями), доска, мел.
Ход урока
Teacher: Hello, dear boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. How is it going? Today we have a
very interesting lesson. We will play the game “Treasure Island”. I think you know the book
with the same title. What is this book about?
Pupils: This book is about interesting adventures, pirates, treasure search, desert island.
Teacher: You are all right. Let us have a look at the screen. There is a ship on it and you are
the crew of this ship. We are going to a trip to the Treasure Island. To open the box with
treasure you are to find the key. Look at the map. There are 5 islands. You have to do some
tasks on each island and find the key from the treasure box. Good luck! Are you ready?
Pupils: Yes!
Teacher: Let’s start our trevelling. Close your eyes. (Учитель включает музыку). Open your
eyes. We are on the first island. There are no people here. We miss our nearest relatives. Let’s
remember them and do the first task.
Island №1.
Task 1. Complete the words and match them with the Russian equivalents.
_aughter дедушка
f_ther отец
g_andfather дочь
bro_her сын
_on внук
grands_n семья
fa _ ily брат
Teacher: Excellent! You get the first part of the key and go to the next island.
Island №2.
Task 1. Find the odd word and circle it.
Cold, rainy, windy, snowy, smart.
Spring, week, summer, winter, autumn.
Armchair, kitchen, sofa, table, desk.
Floor, bread, honey, soup, butter.
Friend, pupil, sister, teacher, door.
Monday, July, Tuesday, Sunday, Thursday.
London, Monday, Oxford, Moscow.
Doll, girl, mum, grandma, sister.
Teacher: Well done! But you have one more task here.
Task 2. Put the words in the right order
1. at seven o’clock / I / got up / in the morning.
2. didn’t / my father / repair my bicycle.
3. she / with her mother / had breakfast.
4. did / clean / your room / you / yesterday?
5. his pet / for a walk / did / he / take / in the park?
Teacher: Great! You get the second part of the key and go to the third island. Pupils, what is
it? It is a bottle with a letter. Let’s have a look at it. This is the next task for us.
Island 3
Task 1. Do the crossword puzzle. Put eleven verbs in the Past Simple Tense and write them in
the squares.
По горизонтали
2. Bring
4. Put
5. Make
6. Think
9. Run
10. Lay
По вертикали
1. Get
2. Buy
3. Feed
5. Meet
8. Sit
Task 2.
Teacher: Pupils, I see you are tired. Let’s sing the song “If you happy and you know it…”
(Дети поют песню)
Teacher: Fantastic! You get the third part of the key. I think you are full of energy now and
ready for the next task. We are on the fourth island.
Island 4
Task 1. Complete the sentences. Choose the correct word.
I always ____ my homework in the evening. (have/do/make)
Mag ______ the flowers in the morning. (washes/waters/cleans)
When do you usually _______ lunch? (go/have/do)
____ you do your homework two days ago? (Do / Will / Did)
His sister ______ puzzles yesterday. (didn’t play / doesn’t play / won’t play)
Did your little brother ____ his room last week? (clean / cleaned / cleans)
My sister _________ shopping tomorrow.(doesn’t go / won’t go / didn’t go )
Teacher: Wonderful! I’m proud of you! You get the fourth part of the key. We are on the fifth
island. This is the last task for you.
Island 5
Task 1. “Translator”. Match the words to make word combination. Give English equivalents
to Russian phrases.
the pet
the room
the flowers
the table
a bed
the bike
the washing up
Накрывать на стол - _______________
Мыть посуду - ____________________
Ходить за покупками - _____________
Стелить постель - _________________
Кормить питомца - ________________
Убирать комнату - _________________
Поливать цветы - __________________
Чинить велосипед -_________________
Teacher: My congratulations! You’ve coped with all the tasks. You ware able to find the key
and open the box.
I’m quite satisfied with your work at the lesson today. I’m pleased with your answers and the
work of all of you. I’m sure you are ready for the test. Your hometask is to revise all the
material of the unit “Having a good time with your family”. Thank you very much! See you