Итоговая контрольная работа (по учебнику “Enjoy English” М.З. Биболетова) 4 класс

Итоговая контрольная работа
(по учебнику: “Enjoy English” М. З. Биболетова)
4 класс
1. Заполните пропуски, вставив is или are. Запишите предложение.
1) There … a table in the room.
2) … there five pictures in the living room?
3) There … two chairs in the kitchen.
4) There … no windows in the pantry.
5) … there a big mirror in the hall?
6) There … no armchair in the bathroom.
7) There…………. many doors in Jim’s house.
8) There…………. a big bedroom in the flat.
2.Восстанови письмо, вставив пропущенные слова.
in the country, swim, behind, wonderful, house, bridge, apple-trees
Dear Jim,
Thank you for your letter. I am Sergei. I am from Russia. My country is _________________.
There are a lot of cities and towns in Russia. I live with my mum, dad and little sister in a big
__________. It is _______________________. There is a garden with ____________________
next to my house. There is a forest ___________ our house. There is a river next to the forest.
You can see an old ___________ over the river. My friends and I _______ there in summer.
Write me about your country and your town, please.
Your pen friend,
Score ___/7
3) Заполни таблицу.
4) Выбери правильный глагол
1. He ……..football well.
a) play b) plays c) played
1. She ……. in the park week ago.
a) is b) was c) were
1. … you usually … a letter to your friend?
a) Do … write b) Does … write c) Did … write
1. She …. a funny picture for his brother tomorrow.
a) draws b) drew c) will draw
1. … they ……a book last year?
a) Do … write b) Did … write c) Will write
1. I … breakfast at 8 am every day.
a) have b) has c) had
1. … you … Moscow next summer?
a) Do … visit b) Did visit c) Will visit
1. Tom …. your teeth yesterday.
a) doesn’t clean b) didn’t clean c) didn’t cleaned
5) Поставь глагол, данный в скобках, в правильную форму.
1. They …. (help) you in an hour.
2. It … (be) snowy and cold last winter.
3. She … (listen) to music every Monday.
4. We … (help) you next Sunday.
5. I … (have) dinner at 2 pm every day.
6. She …. (go, not) to the zoo yesterday.
7. We … (see, not) the film tomorrow.
8. … Jill … (do) her homework every day.
9. Mag …(water) the flowers next week.
10. When … you usually … (have) lunch ?
11. His sister … (play, not) puzzles month ago.
6) Выбери и подчеркни прилагательные в нужной степени.
1. Martin is…..than Mary. ( happy, happier, the happiest)
2. He is ……teacher in my school. ( good, better, the best )
3. This film is … . ( interesting, more interesting, the most interesting )
4. My friend is … than I. (clever, cleverer, cleverest)
5. I live … street. (far, farther, the farthest)
7) Раскрой скобки, употребив прилагательное в правильной форме.
1. My sister is the __________ (good) pupil in her class.
2. It is a very __________ (funny) English book.
3. This baby is the __________ (smart) baby in the world.
4. My bike is __________ (small) than your bike.
5. Tigers are __________ (big) than dogs.
6. I am _____________ (happy) in my family.
7. This pupil writes __________ (bad) than I.
8. His sister is __________ (creative) than he.
9. My room is ____________ (large) in our flat.
10. An adventure books are __________ (interesting) books in the library.