Тест "Imperative Mood" 6 класс

Test Imperative Mood
Choose the correct variant
Задание 1.
… your hands before dinner.
To wash
Задание 2.
Jennie, …, please.
come in and sit down
came in and sat down
come in sit down
Задание 3.
… it seriously. It was a joke.
Don’t took
Take don’t
Don’t take
Задание 4.
…, I am really enraged at her ignorance.
Let me calm down
Let I calm down
Me let calm down
Задание 5.
… this way.
Don’t let him behave
Let don’t him behave
Don’t let he behave
Задание 6.
… in their family problems.
Let’s interfere don’t
Let’s don’t interfered
Let’s not interfere
Задание 7.
… on the task. Stop interrupting her.
Let’s Sally concentrate
Let Sally concentrate
Sally concentrate let
Задание 8.
…, she’s waiting for it.
Do her call
Do call her
Does call her
Задание 9.
… your magnolia. The soil in the pot is dry.
You water
You watered
Water you
Задание 10.
… this film. It’s awful.
Watch never
Always watch
Never watch