Контрольная работа "Употребление определенного и неопределенного артикля в английском языке" 7 класс

ARTICLES Variant 1:
(A / the)
1. Did you see ________ man that I told you about?
2. Did you get ________ birthday card that I sent you?
3. He is ________ very good friend.
4. We ate ________ wonderful meal yesterday.
5. ________ meal that we ate yesterday was wonderful.
6. I have ________ test tomorrow morning.
7. Which shirt do you like? ________ blue one?
8. I have three shirts - a yellow one, an orange one, and ________ black one.
9. You must always tell ________ truth!
10. I cannot understand how ________ person like him can become president.
Article with geographical names: (the / no article)
11. He was born in _________________ New York City.
12. _________________ Nile is a long African river.
13. We're going on vacation to _________________ Dominican Republic.
14. Have you been to _________________ Italy?
15. Los Angeles is in the state of _________________ California.
Mixed article (a / the / no article)
16. Q: Why don't you ask her to dance?
A: Me? I don't think so. You're _________________ one who knows how to dance.
17. Q: Is he working?
A: No, he's on _________________ vacation.
18. Q: Did you make the bed?
A: No, but I took out _________________ garbage.
19. Q: Why do you watch so much _________________ TV?
A: Because there are a lot of good shows on.
ARTICLES Variant 2
A / the
1. John is ________ best teacher in our school.
2. She has ________ very nice cat.
3. My wife is ________ only person I love.
4. My cousin is ________ police officer.
5. Betty is ________ prettiest girl in our class.
6. There is ________ party at Bill's house tonight.
7. What time are we going to ________ party?
8. Yesterday I saw ________ really good movie.
9. Hurry up! ________ movie starts in 15 minutes!
10. I need to buy ________ new car.
Article with geographical names: (the / no article)
11. _________________ Rocky Mountains are very high.
12. He lives in _________________ United States.
13. _________________ South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
14. _________________ Republic of Ireland is in the European Union.
15. Have you ever been to _________________ Netherlands?
Mixed article (a / the / no article)
16. Q: What did you eat at the restaurant?
A: Oh, I didn't go out. I ate at _________________ home.
17. Q: What did you buy at the mall?
A: I bought so many things! _________________ sales were incredible!
18. Q: Does he always lie?
A: Yes, he does. He never tells _________________ truth.
19. Q: Why did you punish your son?
A: We punished him because he told _________________ lie.