Упражнения "Расстановка some и any, much и many, little и few и неопределенного артикля a(an)"

Упражнения по расстановке some и any, much и many, little и few и
неопределенного артикля a(an)
Выполним еще несколько упражнений. В первом упражнении надо
внимательно прочитать предложения и вместо пропусков вписать some или
1. There are newspapers on the table near the TV set.
2. There isn’t bread on the table.
3. She has toys in the corner of the room.
4. Is there chalk, children?
5. Are there pictures in this book?
6. Thereare armchairsroundthetable.
Теперь прочитаем еще несколько предложений и вместо пропуска впишем
much или many.
1. Is there snow in the streets?
2. There aren’t lamps.
3. There isn’t coffee in the cups.
4. There aren’t people standing at the bus stop.
5. Have you friends in your class?
6. Has she homework for today?
Внимательно прочитаем предложения и вставим little или few вместо
1. There is snow in the street.
2. There is a butter in the refrigerator.
3. There are lamps in the room.
4. The'house has balconies.
5. There are a apples on the plate in the cupboard.
6. Thereare a peoplestandingatthebusstop.
Нам нужно прочитать предложения и вставить там, где нужно, артикль a или
an. Если вы считаете что артикля в предложении быть не должно, оставляйте
поле незаполненным.
1. Take cup of coffee, please.
2. The raincoat is made of nylon.
3. I am reading interesting book about cosmonauts.
4. There is hot and cold water, and gas in this new block of flats.
5. There is bathroom opposite the hall.
6. He has bread and butter, and glass of tea for breakfast.
Вставьте вместо пропусков some или any
1. We haven`t got______milk.
2. Bob likes ______sugar in his tea.
3. She has_____money.
4. Are there ______pictures in his book?
5. I cannot see ______children in the yard.
6. I need_____carrots, onions and cabbage.
7. There is no______tea in my cup.
8. He has _____modern hats at home
Вставьте вместо пропусков much или many
1.She ate __ice-cream and has got a sore throat.
2. Have you _____work to do?
3. There are_____many apples on the plate.
4. I spend _____time for reading.
5. Children have brought_____mushrooms.
6. Pupils have ______questions.
7. He made _____ mistakes in reading.
8. Do you have_____money?
Вставьте вместо пропусков LITTLE и FEW
1.There is ______milk in the bottle.
2.He has ______English books at home.
3.Give me ______money, I haven`t got any.
4.We have very _____time, hurry up!
5.She received _____letters from her granny.
6.I have _____work for today.
7.There is _____salt in the soup.
8.Put _____lemons in your basket.