Тест "Personal letter" 9 класс

Personal letter.
We write informal letters to friends and relative we know well, or to people our own age.
Informal letters should be written in an informal style ( it's taken we a while to…), using short
forms ( I'd, I've, I don't, I can't, these's) and colloquial expressions ( I thought I'd drop you a
An informal letter should include:
I) an informal greeting such as Dear/ Hi + person's name or just Hi!
II) An introduction with opening remarks: How are you? I am fine but I have been really
1) You must thank your friend for his letter: Thanks (a lot) for your letter/ It was great to
hear from you again.
2) And you must apology : I'm sorry I haven't answered earlier but I was really busy with
my school work.
3) Prove that you have received the letter and reasons for writing: I'm glad you passed your
history test! Sounds like you had a great time in London! Great news about your trip
III) A main body containing the main point(s) or the letter ( 2-3 paragraphs). You must give
full answers to the asked questions. It is necessary to ask your question in a separate
paragraph. Try to make logical transition (переход) from the main body to your questions
IV) A conclusion with closing remarks:
That's all for now. Write back soon.
Well, I'd better go now as I have to do my homework.
I've got to go now! It's time for my favorite TV show.
Can’t wait for the summer break.
Take care and write back soon.
As for me I am going on holiday with…
Anyway, I'd better go now
Further relations:
Write back soon.
Keep in touch!
Drop me a letter when you can.
Hope to hear from you soon.
I can not wait to hear from you!
Looking forward to seeing you / hearing from you.
V) An informal ending:
Love, Love from, Lots of love, See you soon, All the best, Best wishes, yours + your name
The necessary volume is 100-140 words. More than 10% will not be checked up. Only 20
minutes are given to write a letter.
Dear Carol,
I haven't heard you for some time but I hope your exams are over now
and you can start relaxing!
I have just passed my school-leaving exams and now I am getting ready for the
entrance exams for the University. Still, I am already making plans for the holidays.
They look quite exciting: I am going to hitchhike across England and Wales for
three weeks. I can't wait.
That's why, I'd like to ask if I could come to visit you for some time. Today it's
hard to say when exactly, but it will probably be mid-August. I would like to stay
for two or three days. Please let me know if it's OK with you.
I do hope I'll be able to see you at my place in Russia some day, too!
Give my love to Tom.
All the best,
Dear + name
обращенное к
Приветы другим
людям, подпись –
ваше имя
стиля: краткие
Один абзац
по одному
В начале письма автор обычно а) благодарит адресата за ранее полученную корреспонденцию;
б) извиняется, что не писал раньше.
Основная часть письма ( 2-3 абзаца). В ней должны быть раскрыты все аспекты, указанные в
Не забудьте задать все необходимые вопросы.
В конце письма автор обычно упоминает о причине окончания письма, а так же о дальнейших
контактах (используются фразы-клише).
Завершающая фраза,
Подпись автора (имя).