Тест "Personal pronouns"

Personal pronouns
Choose the correct personal pronoun.
1) am sitting on the sofa.
2) are watching TV.
3) Are from England?
4) is going home.
5) are playing football.
6) is a wonderful day today.
7) are speaking English.
8) Is Kevin's sister?
9) are swimming in the pool.
10) they in the cinema?
Choose the correct pronouns.
myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves or each other.
1) Sandra and Angela haven't met for a long time.
2) My friends enjoyed very much at the concert.
3) Tim repaired his car .
4) We helped with our report.
5) People often give presents at Christmas.
6) I bought a new camera.
7) Chris, did you do the Maths homework ?
8) They looked at and smiled.
9) Ron and Tom often write e-mails to because they're good friends.
10) Ann only thinks of . She's an egoist.
Choose one of the following relative pronouns who, which or whose from the dropdown menu.
1) I talked to the girl car had broken down in front of the shop.
2) Mr Richards, is a taxi driver, lives on the corner.
3) We often visit our aunt in Norwich is in East Anglia.
4) This is the girl comes from Spain.
5) That's Peter, the boy has just arrived at the airport.
6) Thank you very much for your e-mail was very interesting.
7) The man, father is a professor, forgot his umbrella.
8) The children, shouted in the street, are not from our school.
9) The car, driver is a young man, is from Ireland.
10) What did you do with the money your mother lent you?
So vs. Such
Choose the correct answer for each gap below
1. She is funny! She always makes me laugh.
2. Sarah and Ed are crazy people! I never know what they are going to do next.
3. James has much money that he could actually buy that Ferrari.
4. Although most of the audience had never been exposed to music, they thoroughly enjoyed the
performance of the Tibetan folk choir.
5. The movie was good that I saw it five times.
6. Terry speaks English fluently that I thought he was American.
7. Most students never discuss topics in class, but I think it is important to teach our children to
question the media.
8. Jerry had never seen high mountains. He thought they were spectacular.
9. Fred is a clown! He is always telling jokes and making people laugh.
10. There was little interest in his talk on macroeconomics that the room was half empty by the time he
stopped speaking.