Тест "Comparison of Adjectives"

Test: Comparison of Adjectives.
Выберите и вставьте в предложение прилагательное в нужной форме
1. This man is … than I.
a. the tallest;
b. tall;
c. taller.
2. That house is … than this one.
a. high;
b. the highest;
c. higher.
3. Peter is the … in our class.
a. taller;
b. tallest;
c. tall.
4. I am … than he.
a. strong;
b. stronger;
c. the strongest.
5. The elephant is … than the mouse.
a. the biggest;
b. big;
c. bigger.
6. She is the … in the world.
a. Beautiful;
b. more beautiful;
c. most beautiful.
7. This car is … than that one.
a. more expensive;
b. the most expensive;
c. expensive.
8. My grandfather is … than me grandmother.
a. old;
b. the oldest;
c. older.
9. This film is as … as that one.
a. more interesting;
b. interesting;
c. most interesting.
10. Nelly is … neat (аккуратный) … her mother.
a. so … as;
b. as … as;
c. as … that.
1. c;
2. c;
3. b;
4. b;
5. c;
6. c;
7. a;
8. c;
9. b;
10. b.