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MADAM TUSSAUD’S MUSEUM Sharova Ann, Form 5.5, Lyceum №36, Saratov Madam Tussaud’s Exhibition was opened on its present site in Marylebone Road in 1884. Marie Tussaud spent her early life in France where she learned the art of wax modelling from her uncle. She went to England in 1802, taking some of her best figures. She exhibited them in London and provinces. Her best work was a self-portrait. It reveals her as a small and unsmiling old woman. Many of the original models made by Marie Tussaud are still preserved.


Benjamin Franklin

The exhibition consists of a series of halls. In the first hall is the famous “Sleeping Beauty” with a mechanism that simulates breathing. The second hall is known as the Conservatory.

Visitors can view life-size wax models of sport, film and TV personalities.

Next to the Conservatory is the Grand Hall. You can see historical, political, military and royal figures here. The next hall is the most famous of the wax rooms: the Chamber of Horrors. The visitors are quieter there than in other places. Its models are illustrating methods of executions. Prisoners are in cells. Maybe because of that hall many find the museum gruesome and frightening. Despite the criticism, Madam Tussaud’s is one of the London’s top tourist attraction. Millions of tourists visit the unusual waxwork exhibition. Thank you for your attention!