Тест "Present Simple vs Present Continuous" 5 класс

Present Simple vs Present Continuous
1) Open the brackets using Present Simple or Present Continuous
a) She usually …. (wear) jeans, but now she …. (wear) a beautiful dress.
b) Look! Tom …. (talk) to Jane.
c) Mum … (cook) dinner in the kitchen now. She …. (cook) dinner every day.
d) Steve …. (play) football with his friends on Saturdays.
e) I …. (buy) magazines every day. Now I … (read) one of them.
f) Listen! Sara … (play) the violin. She …. (play) very well!
2) Choose the correct verb form
a) It sometimes (rains/is raining) here in November.
b) Every evening my father (cooks/is cooking) supper for us.
c) The sun (shines/is shining) now.
d) They often (listen/are listening) to music in their room.
e) Now she (sits/is sitting) in the armchair and (reads/is reading) a book. She
usually (reads/is reading) in the evening.
3) Find and correct the mistakes.
a) It is often raining in September.
b) They are having 5 o’clock tea every day.
c) She watches TV at the moment.
d) Look at Jim! He does his homework.
e) I am learning a new poem every week.