Презентация "Наша визитная карточка" 3 класс

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муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №4» г. Сафоново Смоленской области Презентация по английскому языку на тему «Наша визитная карточка» Работу выполнили ученицы з класса Ветлугина Полина Дубова Ульяна Жажкова Полина Жила Аделина Зильман Полина Егорова Ксения Учитель : Жила Людмила Ивановна We are the pupils of the third form and good friends. But now we want to tell you not about ourselves, but about our class.

I am Polly.

I am Polly.

I am Polly

I am Adelina.

I am Ulyana.

I am Ksenia.

This is our friendly class. It was born on the 1st of September in the town of Safonovo in school №4. This is our comfortable and cosy classroom. There are 22 pupils in our class: 9 boys 13 girls

The total weight of our class is

661 kg.

The total growth of our class is 29 meters.

This is our form teacher Korzhueva Larisa Gennadievna. She is very clever and kind. Our teachers are very talented.

Our teacher of English

Our teacher of music

Our teacher of

physical education

We have a lot of hobbies. We like to dance very much. And we take part in all school concerts. We are fond of sports. And we are proud of our champions. English is one of our favorite subjects. We are very active and take part in different festivals, contests and Olympiads. Reading is one of our hobby. And we like to visit our town library. After lessons our teacher , parents and we like to spend time together, visiting different places. Источники:
  • Личные фотоархивы
  • http://yandex.ru/images/search?text=каравай&url
  • Фон для презентации : bhttp://www.abaev.ru/?jn=fonov-k-prezentatsiya
  • http://makmy.ucoz.ru/photo/4-0-31-3
  • http://bestrushop.com/promokids/foto/8.jpg

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