Контрольная работа "Семейные истории" 5 класс

Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс
Тема: Семейные истории
1. What letters are missing? Complete the words.
1) f r (4)
2) f __ __ ty (40)
3) fo __ __teen (14)
4) fo __ ti__ th (40-й)
5) twel __ e (12)
2. Write the past forms of the verbs.
1) marry ______________
2) stop ______________
3) go - ________________
4) cry ______________
5) play ______________
6) travel ______________
7) decide ______________
8) run ______________
9) hope ______________
10) try _______________
11) write _______________
12) hug _______________
13) become _______________
14) eat __________________
15) drink _______________
16) begin _______________
3. Match the words in the two columns to make word combinations
1) to go
2) to grow
3) to become
4) to stay
5) to make
6) to live
7) to die
8) to read
9) to tell me
a) a businessman
b) a wonderful career
c) young
d) these newspapers and magazines
e) to university
f) a long life
g) at a hotel
h) his address
i) roses in her garden
4. Write the past forms of the verbs. (Past Simple).
Last weekend( be) very happy. My friends and I (decide) to go out of town. We( want)
to live in a tent. We (cook) food on the fire and( play) games. Charles and Chris (fish) .
They (enjoy) fishing very much.
5. Complete the sentences using the prepositions from the box where
at, in, on, for, about, to, after
1) James lives in the city of Chester. He lives _______ 12, High Street.
2) We’ ll leave _______ St Petersburg next week and we’ll stay there for five days.
3) I’m saying goodbye to Moscow and leaving _______ the capital tonight.
4) _______ school I want to go _______ university.
5) My friend works _______ a sports magazine.
6) My great-grandparents live _______ the farm.
7) Clark’s uncle is interested _______ sport.
8) We are dreaming _______ our visit _______ Glasgow.
9) Did you spend much time _______ doing the city?
10)Andrew is going to make a career T______ medicine.
11) When we were _______ Paris, we stayed _______ a hotel.
6. Read the paragraphs (ac) and put them in the right order to get them a logical text.
Mindy and Her Bike
a) Every Sunday and Saturday morning Mindy worked in the bike shop. Mr Lucky liked the way
she worked. He and Mindy became good friends. Mindy learnt to ride a bike and one day she got
a present from Mr Lucky. He gave her a red bike with her name on it. Mindy was happy.
b) Mindy lived in a small town. Its name was Lynton. She had a big family her parents, her
grandparents, two brothers and a sister. Mindy was a pupil. She went to school five days a week.
She got up early on week days and usually left for school at 7.30. She took a bus to get to school.
Mindy didn’t have classes on Saturdays and Sundays.
c) On those days she went to the bike shop in the street where she lived. That was Mr Lucky’s
shop. He had a lot of bikes in his shop. Mindy helped Mr Lucky. She loved to show the bikes to
the people who came to the shop and she dreamed to buy a bike very much. But Mindy couldn’t
do it. She had no money.
1) ________ 2) ________ 3) ________
7 Дополните предложения подходящими по смыслу словами.
Can want is wrote married met
1) Three years ago I __________ not read magazines in English.
2) Who _________________ to become a journalist? I do!
3) Where _____________ your mother born? In Moscow.
4) Yesterday I ______________ an article for our school newspaper.
5) My best friend and I _______________ at school five years ago.
6) Misha ___________________ Kate two years ago. They have two children.
8 Расставьте слова в правильном порядке ,чтобы получилось предложение.
1) Misha/ in/Moscow/born/was
2) Kate and Masha/London/born/were/in
3) My/reads/grandfather/magazine
4) can/speak/very/I/well/English
5) Tom/a/teacher/is/good
9 Напиши даты по английски.
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