Тест "How different the world is!"

Test on the topic
“How different the world is!”
I. Choose the correct word:
1.Much of the land is a ____ desert.
2.___ droughts, floods and cyclones happen very often on the continent.
3.The south and the east of the island consist of____plains.
4.The land varies from heavy___ to large ____, from high___to deep____.
5._____areas are found only in the north and west.
Mountainous, flat, deserts, mountains, forests, useless, severe, canyons
II. Transform the words:
1.It has a (various) of natural resources.
2.The frontiersmen had to overcome many (difficult).
3.Hard life of the frontier shaped the tradition of (hospitable).
4.The harsh climate explains the Russian the Russians’ (patient) and (submit).
5.Based on present(know), the best way of coping with warming would be to adapt
to it.
III. Make the questions polite:
1. What are Florida’s nicknames?
2. What is Vermont famous for?
3. How can I get to the airport?
4. What kind of weather are they having in London now?
5. Did you enjoy your living in Australia?
IV. True or false:
1. The USA is the fourth largest nation in the world.
2. Most of Australia isn’t sunny most of the year.
3. The UK covers a territory of one large island and several smaller ones.
4. Russia is often called the Land Down Under.
5. The relief of Russia is mostly mountainous.
V. Fill in the article if it is necessary:
5….Lake Erie
7….Henry Ford