Урок-игра "Animals and Pets" 4 класс

Урок-игра «Animals and Pet
(Урок-игра, позволяющий обобщить материал по теме «Животные». Стихи о
животных, загадки, занимательный материал).
Подготовительная работа:
1. Написать сочинение на тему «My Pet» или «My Favourite Animal» и
красочно его оформить.
2. Составить кроссворд по теме «Животные».
Dear boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. Today we are going to talk about
What animals do you know? (Дети называют животных).
Thatll do. You know a lot of animals. Perhaps you know a few poems about
them. What poem do you know? (Учащиеся рассказывают стихи о животных,
имея или игрушку этого животного, или картинку в руках).
1. I love my cat.
It’s warm and fat.
My cat is grey,
It likes to play (A Cat)
2. My dog is clever, strong and quick,
It’s name is Spot, my name is Nick.
My dog is nice, my dog is gray,
We play together every day. (A Dog)
3. Once I saw a little bird
Come hop, hop, hop,
And I cried, Little bird
Will you stop, stop, stop. (A Bird)
4. Cuckoo, cuckoo, what do you do?
In April I open my day;
In May I sing all day;
In June I change my tune;
In July away I fly. (A Cuckoo)
5. Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir
Three bags full. (A Sheep)
6. I wonder, have you ever heard
My parrot? He is a talking bird.
He says «Hello» to any man,
Who says «Hallo» to him. (A Parrot)
7. One little chicken with yellow feet,
One little chicken with tail so heat,
One little chicken stands up tall-
Mummy H. does love them all. (Three chickens)
8. The White Bear
The water in the sea is cold,
It is as cold as ice,
But I am not afraid at all:
My coat is warm and nice.
9. I am a little squirrel
As busy as can be,
I’m gathering some acorns
For winter food for me. (A Squirrel)
10. The Elephant
I am big and I am strong,
And my trunk is very long!
11. The lion
My paws are big and strong,
My tail is very long,
My mane is fine thick,
And I am very big.
12. I love all kinds of animals,
Dogs and cats and rabbits,
I love all kinds of animals,
I know their little habits.
Good for you all. I see you really know a lot of poems about birds and animals
and now I want to see which team knows the names of animals. Let’s play the
game «Wild Animals».
That’ll do. I see that you know the names of the wild animals. Now, show us your
drawings and tell us about your pets. (Учащиеся выходят с рисунками и
описывают животное, которое нарисовали).
Thank you very much. Now, we’ll see who is the best in saying these tongue
twisters . (Вывешивает лист, на котором крупно написаны скороговорки).
1. Pat’s black cat is in Pat’s black hat.
2. A girl sees six big grey geese.
3. A cup of nice coffee in a nice coffee-cup.
4. Snow is so snowy when it is snowing.
(Вызываются желающие).
Not I want to see how well you draw. One pupil from each team will come up
to the blackboard and draw an animal.
(Вызываются по одному игроку из команды и рисуют животное.
Остальные отгадывают загадки).
Now, while they are drawing, the rest of you listen to my riddles and try to guess
1. I gave a bushy tail,
Sometimes I’m grey and sometimes
I’m red,
I like nuts. (A Squirrel)
2. This animal is small.
It lives in the woods
And runs very fast.
It is afraid of everything.
What animal is it? (A Hare)
3. It doesn’t speak,
Nor does it sing,
Or at the door -bell.
Give a ring,
But still it lets
Its master know
Someone wants to see him. (A Dog)
4. There is an animal that has a beautiful yellow skin with black stripes on it. It is
a very fierce wild animal. It lives mostly in hot countries. (A Tiger)
5. I’m grey and I’m very big, I live in the jungle, but you can also find me at the
Zoo or in the circus. I don’t eat meat. I like vegetables, leaves, grass and fruit.
(An Elephant)
6. I am red and I have a fine bushy tail, I like meat. I hunt and eat small animals. (
A Fox)
7. A very funny animal, which moves very quickly. It can hang by its tail. (A
8. Me long, thin legs
Are good and fast;
I like to gallop and to run.
Oh, yes, I think it is great fun. (A Horse)
9. This animal can go without food and water for a long time. What is it? (A
And now, look at the animal drawn by the “artist” on the backboard. Guess.
And now describe it in logical order. (по одному ученику)
And now let’s have “The Animal Race” (по 2 ученика от команды)
Jump as frogs
run as dogs
swim as fishes
climb as monkeys
go as ducks
go as penguins
dance as chimps.
Well, boys and girls. It’s very good that you know so much about animals, that
you have pets at home, and that you take care of them. None of us must ever
forget that animals and birds are our friends.
(Можно использовать разные песни между этапами игры).
Подготовка команд: название, эмблема (обязательно с изображением