Презентация "Washington, DC (District of Columbia)" 8 класс

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Washington, DC (District of Columbia).
  • Washington is the capital of the United States of America. It is situated on the Potomac river in the District of Columbia. The population of the city is 900, 000 people.
Answer the question.
  • 1) What countries are larger than the USA?
  • Russia, Canada and China
Answer the question.
  • 2) Where is the USA situated?
  • In the central part of North America.
Answer the question.
  • 3) What is the total area of the country?
  • About 9, 4 mln square km.
Answer the question.
  • 4) What countries border on the USA?
  • The USA borders on Canada in the north, on Mexico in the south and has a sea border with Russia.
Answer the question.
  • 5) What oceans wash the western and eastern coasts of the USA?
  • The country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the Pacific ocean in the west.
Answer the question.
  • 6) How does the climate of the USA vary?
  • The climate of the country varies greatly from arctic in Alaska through continental I the central part to subtropical in the south.
Answer the question.
  • 7) What are the most important rivers in the USA?
  • The Mississippi (the longest one – 6, 400 km), the Colorado, the Missouri, the Columbia, the Rio Grand.
Answer the question.
  • 8) What mountain chains, situated in the USA, do you know?
  • The Rocky Mountains, the Cordillera, the Sierra Nevada, the Appalachians. The highest peak is Mount McKinley(6 km) in Alaska.
Answer the question.
  • 9) What is the population of the country?
  • About 250 mln. people
Answer the question.
  • 10) How many states are there in the USA?
  • 50
Answer the question.
  • 11) What are the largest cities of the USA?
  • New York, Los-Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco, Washington and others.
Answer the question.
  • 12) What are the main political parties in the USA?
  • The Republican Party and the Democratic Party.
Look at the table and describe the political system of the USA.
  • The executive
  • branch
  • The judicial
  • branch
  • The Congress
  • The Senate
  • (100)
  • The US
  • President
  • Administration
  • Departments
  • Agencies
  • The Supreme
  • Court
  • Chief
  • Justice
  • Associate
  • Justices
  • (8)
  • The legislative
  • branch
  • The House of
  • Representatives
  • (435)
  • Washington is the capital of the USA.
Washington was named after the first US president – George Washington. He selected the place for the capital. It was founded in 1790.Since 1800 Washington DC has been the federal capital. The French engineer, Pierre L’Enfant, designed the city. Washington DC isn’t like other cities of the USA. It has long wide avenues, gardens, beautiful parks and no sky-scrapers at all, because no other building must be taller then the Capitol. The Capitol is the seat of the American Congress. The 535 members of the Congress meet here to discuss the nation’s affairs. It is situated in the centre of the city. The Capitol.
  • The Capitol has a big white dome standing on a circle of pillars. It is a huge building, full of paintings and statues.
The White House.
  • The White House is the official residence of the US President. It was built in 1799. The US President works and lives there.
  • Washington is a large scientific and cultural center. There are many museums, theatres, research institutes, 5 universities, the National Academy of Sciences and the Library of Congress there.
The Academy of Sciences. 2009. The Einstein Memorial at the National Academy of Sciences building... The Library of Congress.
  • The Library of Congress is situated not far from the Capitol. It is the largest library in the States. It contains more than 13 million books, more than 19 million manuscripts, including the personal papers of the US presidents.
The George Washington University. The National Museum of Natural history. The Pentagon.
  • There is one more well-known building in Washington – Pentagon. It is the residence of the US Military department. It is situated in the suburbs to the south of the Potomac.
  • There are many monuments in the city. The most impressive and the best-known ones are the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument. Thousands of tourists visit Washington every day. Washington DC is the city where you think about the glorious history of the USA.
The Lincoln Memorial. The Jefferson Memorial. The Washington Monument. The Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. The World Bank. The Federal Bureau of Investigation. The East Potomac Park. The Union Station Plaza.