Контрольные работы по английскому языку 7 класс по УМК О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева

Контрольная работа
7 класс по УМК О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева (I четверть)
1. Fill in many/much.
1) I don’t eat …….mangoes. 2) He eats ……. fish. 3) That man drank……..so wine. 4) Marry must not
eat………..too salt. 5) There are……….. new pictures in the gallery. 6) He had………….pairs of socks. 7) There
is………….. butter on the plate. 8) Would you like………..ice cream? 9) Why did you eat so…………..fruit?
2. Fill in little/few.
1) He has got………….friends. 2) I drink…………coffee. 3) The Smits have………….many. 4) There
was………lemonade in the bottle. 5) He has ……………English books. 6) I am sorry I’ve read
very……………books. 7) Everyday he spend……….time reading the books. 8) The pupils of our class
ask……………questions at lesson.
3. Change the verb in brackets.
1) In the evening I often (to go) to see my friends.
2) On Sunday we sometimes (to visit) our parents.
3) It (to be) six o clock in the evening now.
4) Hello where you (to go) now. I (to hurry) to school.
5) I (to listen) my teacher this moment.
6) I (to take) this cassette yesterday evening.
7) We (to have) funny weekend last month.
4. Fill in the correct form of the verb to rain.
Rains(2), is raining(3), is not raining(2), is going to rain, doesn’t rain, didn’t rain(2).
1) There are no people on the beach. It …………….
2) It often…………..in the west of England.
3) It……………every day in Moscow.
4) I think it………….soon.
5) It…………….lust week, but it was could.
6) The sun is shining. It is hot. It is………
7) Why is your jacket wet? It ………..out in the street.
8) I like it when it …………but my sister doesn’t.
9) It was foggy and windy yesterday but it…………
10) We won’t go to the zoo. It ……………
11) It…………. We can play football.
12) It…………. a lot last summer.
5. Complete this text; choose the right forms of the verbs.
Last summer I (be) abroad for three weeks. My father (go) to France on business and (take) mi with him. In Paris we
(stay) in a hotel. We usually (have) breakfast early in the morning. Then my dad (drive) to work and I (ride) to the
swimming bath. I (swim) there. When I (come) to Paris, I (know) only two or three French words. Soon I (begin)
(understand) French. Dad’s friends (teach) me. I think I can (speak) French a little now.
6. Use article the or no article.
Clyde, Blackpoll, Ontario, Severn, Mississippi, Andes, Snow don, Ireland, Wales, Trafalgar Square, Sevan, Ben
Nevis, Liverpool, Hyde Park, Canada, Fleet Street, Central Park, Oxford street.
7. Ask your friend if she\he:
1) traveled by car, by train, by plane
2) he\she liked the trip.
3).he\she wrote the diary.
4). it was cold there.
5)he \ she spoke English.
Контрольная работа
7 класс по УМК О.В. Афанасьева , И.В. Михеева II четверть
1. Write nouns in singular form.
Mice, teeth, sheep, women, geese, men, deer, fish, children, feet.
2. Write nouns in plural form.
Class, bench, dog, cat, woman, sheep, hospital, pupil, tea, coffee, boy, toy.
3.Fill in ordinal numerals.
a) Im in__ ____ form.
b) My friend is in ___ ____ form too.
c) Today is ____ _____ of December.
d) My mom is ____ ____ year.
e) Today is ____ ____ day of the week.
f) He is _____ _____ student in our class.
4.Choose the verb.
a) Where (is\ are) the money. It (is \are) on the shelf.
b) Where (is\ are) the apples. They (is\ are) on the table.
c) What color (is\ are) the flag. It (is \are) red.
d) Where (is\ are) students. They (is\are) at school.
e) The news (is\ are) interesting.
f) Children (is \are) in the swimming pool.
5. Make up the sentences with: what, where, when, why.
What do your parents think about school?
What do they want to do after school?
In what place do you live.
What is your name?
Where does Kate live?
Why do you play computer game?
6. Choose the correct form.
This is (my/mine) university.
Doctor Smith, is this (your, yours) patient? Yes, Polly is (my/mine) patient.
(Their/theirs) friends Douglas is a journalist.
I am going to answer all (her/hers) questions.
(Our/ours) dream was to travel in Spain.
We gave them (our/ours address and they gave us (their/theirs).
Which bag is (her/hers).
7. Make up the sentences with: if.
1. Do you often go to rock concert?
2. Do you like pop-music?
3. Do you often watch videos?
4. Did you go to college?
5. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
Контрольная работа
7 класс по УМК Афанасьева О.В., И.В. Михеева
III четверть.
1. Make up questions using these words.
1) book, shall, I, you, for, buy, what? 2) we, when, go, shall, cinema, the, to? 3) I, coat, may, on, your, put? 4) did,
beach, you, on, do, the, what? 5) husband, can, her, a, driver, car?
2. Choose the right form and complete the sentences
1) Mary says she has (some/any) very good friends. 2) Are there (some/any) high towers in your town? 3) I can’t see
(nobody/anybody) in the street. 4) (Someone/anyone) rang you up in the morning .5) He never takes (some/any) cake
with tea.
3. Use the right verb forms to complete the sentences. (придаточные предложения времени и условия)
1).If the weather (be) fine, I (sunbathe) on the beach. 2) We (do) it when John (come). 3) I (buy) you a big juicy apple
if there (be) some in the shop. 4) You (learn) French when you (go) to school. 5) When Mary (ring) me up, I (talk) to
4. Match the questions with their answers.
1) Do you want to buy any plums? A) I think so. Let’s take our umbrellas with us.
2) Are there any cabbages at home? B) Tomorrow, I think.
3) Is it raining heavily? C) I think, we shall stay at home.
4) What shall we do if it rains? D) No, I don’t. My son doesn’t like them.
5) What shall we read we read? E) I don’t know. Let’s buy some.
6) When will you come back? F) I don’t know. There are different books here.
1.___ 2.___ 3.____ 4.____ 5.____ 6.____
5. Say what you will do and what you won’t do next Sunday.
1.____write a postcard to your granny.
2.____go abroad.
3.____ stay in a hotel.
4.____ go boating.
5.____ go to school.
6. Use no, one, everybody or everything, in these sentences.
1)….is green and beautiful in spring. 2)….likes cold and rainy days in autumn. 3) is yellow, green and red in autumn
forest. 4)….plays games out of doors in rainy weather. 5)…likes to go to the beach when it is hot weather.
Контрольная работа
7 клacc по УМК О. В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева
IV четверть.
1. Make up questions.
1 book, shall, I, you, for, buy what? 2 we, when, go, shall, cinema, the, to? 3 I, coat , may , on, your , put ?
4 did , beach , you , on , do , the , what , ? 5 sent, granny, who, my, present, to, this? 6 he, what, is , like ? 7
jeans, you, do, wear, summer, in? 8 friends, the, cakes, why, your, eating, aren’t?
2. Choose the right forms of the verbs
1 (must/may) I stay in this room? –Yes you may. 2 (can/ should) you speak louder? I( cant/ shouldn’t ) hear
you. 3 Mrs. Brown (may/ can) I use your pen? I’m afraid not. 4 You (must/ may) help your parents in
everything. 5 You (can’t/ shouldn’t) be late if you get up early. 6 I 9 could/should) play football when I
was twenty. 7 You (can’t/ shouldn’t) eat so much if you to be slim. 8 If you drink cold water, you’ll get ill.
You (must/ can’t) do it.
3. Write the same differently using to be able to.
1 He can go to the university next year. 2 I could play football when I was fifteen. 3 You can’t drive when
you are six. 4 Paul couldn’t write two years ago. 5 My Mom can cook very well. 6 I can’t know everything.
7 We can come only at 4 o’ clock tomorrow. 8 Nick couldn’t buy ice cream as he had no money.
4. Use the right forms of the verb to complete the sentences.
1 If the weather (be) fine, I (sun bathe) on the beach. 2 We (do) i8t when John (come) . 3 I (buy) you a big
juicy apple if there ( be ) some in the shop . 4 You (learn) French when you go to school . 5 When Mary
(ring) me up, I ( talk ) to her . 6 If Ann (spend) the summer at the seaside we see her there. 7 If there (be)
wet we (make) a snowman. 8 If it (rain) , we ( stay ) at home .
5. Use the right form of the verb to complete the sentences.
1 I don’t know if I (be) in Glasgow next week 2 Jack doesn’t know if cousin (change ) his plans for the
summer. 3 We don’t know when Polly ( go ) to university. 4 Jane (paint) the wall if you (ask) her about it
5 He (help) you when he (be, not) busy. I don’t know if Mike (stay) with us or not. 6 She ( go ) for a walk
after school. 7 We (meet) after the classes are over. 8 They (sleep) at the hotel until mom comes.
6. Make up as many questions as you can.
1 She opened the window and cried to his son about the news. She is writing to her friend about her last
Контрольная работа
7 класс по УМК Афанасьева О.В. , И.В. Михеева
IV четверть.
1. Translate from English into Russian.
Uneasy, unwell, colorful, playful, uninterested, unclean, wonderful, unpleasant, helpful.
2. Use must or mustn’t.
1) You… go out. It is raining.
2) Your room is messy. You …. do your room and wash the floor.
3) Bob has a high temperature. He … go to school.
4) Its eleven o’clock .Betty… eat much chocolate.
5) You… play in the street. It’s dangerous.
3. Match the parts of the sentences. Complete them with should or shouldn’t.
1) If you want to be a successful journalist, you… a) buy a cook book.
2) If you want to be slim…. b) eat many sweets.
3) If you want to travel about England by car… c) be able to do downhill skiing.
4) If you want to cook well… d) be able to read a map.
5) If you want to become a good skier… e) read a lot.
6) If you want to have a pleasant trip … f) have a lot of money.
1) ___ 2)___ 3)___ 4)____ 5)____ 6_____
4. Complete the sentences with tags.
1) Jane never visits fashion shows,… (does/doesn’t).
2) Alice has no boots,…(did he/didn’t he).
3) We can’t buy swimming suits, (can we/can’t we)
4) They won’t go to the country tomorrow, ..(will they/ wont they).
5) Young people like fashionable things, ….(do they/don’t they)
5. Write 4 sentences about what you wear in: Autumn, winter, spring, summer.
6. Make up questions.
1) we/ where /go / will?.
2) I /meet /will / how many / friends?.
3) Who/ live /will/ you/ with?.
4) buy/ what/ they/ will/ tomorrow?
5) he/ when/ will/
Итоговая контрольная работа
7 класс по УМК Афанасьева О.В. , И.В. Михеева.
1. Fill in the article a/an or no articles.
1) I haven’t got …mobile. 2) Do you like … orange juice? 3) Boris never wear … uniform. 4) What do we use … glue
for? 5) Fanny doesn’t drink … milk. 6) There is little … paper in my desk. 7) There is no … water in the jug. 8) Is
there … chalk in the classroom? 9) I like … cats. 10) Give me … cup of tea please.
2. Complete the sentences (tags).
1) This school is new … ? 2) The classroom in the picture is not small… ?3) You can’t see any desks in the picture…?
4) There a lot of pupils in the classroom… ?5) The pupils are sitting at their desks… ?6) They are not talking…
3. Answer the questions.
1) What do you usually do at your English classes?
2) What are you fond of?
3) What are you doing now?
4) Who is writing tests?
5) What did you do yesterday?
4. Complete the sentences with the right forms of the verbs tell, talk, say, speak.
1) Tom is very clever, he_____-two languages. 2) Ann___ she is good at geography. 3) Will you --- me the truth? 4)
Girls you mustn’t ___ much in class. 5) I want to ___ something about my friend. 6) You are ___ a lie!
5. Speak about your friend.
1) How old is he/she?
2) What color is his/her hair?
3) What color are his/her eyes?
4) What is he/her interested in?
5) Is he/she a good friend?
6. Fill in prepositions at, on, in, with, to, for, of, off, out.
1) When I was a small girl, I was afraid___ dogs. 2) What did you buy ___your brother? 3) When I go ___the beach, I
never take an umbrella.4) We can meet__ 4 o’clock 5) Your interests are important ___ parents. 6) Do you know ___
her cousin? 7) What will you put ___ when you go ___ Helen`s party?
7.Make up questions using these words.
1) book, shall, I, you, for, buy, what? 2) we, when, go, shall, cinema, the, to? 3) I coat, may, on, your, put? 4)did,
beach, you, on, do, the, what? 5) husband, can, her, a, drive, car? 6)jeans, you, do, wear, summer, in?