Контрольная работа "Political System of the USA"

Political System of the USA.
I. Работа с лексикой (учащиеся работают по карточкам).
1. Перевести с русского языка на английский.
Конституция, политика, закон, законопроект, парламент, назначать,
власть, департамент, королевская санкция, обсуждать, состоять,
избирать, главный.
2. Соотнести английский и русский варианты.
1.Cabinet a подписывать
2. State b большинство
3. legislative c кабинет
4. executive d прямо
5. power e исполнительный
6. sign f законодательный
7. majority g власть
8. challenge h подвергать сомнению
9. directly I штат
3. Вставить пропущенные буквы.
r.le, gover.ment, s.gn, v.te, disc.ss, ro.al, .ppoint, pow.r, monar..y, e.amine,
opposi..on, .lect.
4. Словарный диктант.
A law, to rule, a cabinet, to pass, a bill, the prime-minister, democracy, to
approve, a constitution, the government, to appoint, a parliament, to
II. Изучение нового материала.
1. What do you imagine when you think of the political system of the
USA and its people?
Congress George Bush the Senate
White House
2. What do you know about George Bush, the American president of
1. In which state was G. Bush born?
a) Texas b) Ohio c)Indiana
2. Which university did he graduate from?
a) Harvard b) Yale c) Washington
a) Barbara and Jenna b) Sarah and Suzanne c) Julia and Pamela
4. What kind of dog does he have?
a) Labrador b) Scottish Terrier c) Corgi
5. What is Mrs Bush’s name?
a) Linda b) Lena c) Laura
6. When was George Bush first elected?
a) 1999 b) 2000 c) 2002
3. Аудирование текста «Политическая система США».
Now listen to the text about the political system of the USA and say facts
about it there are in the information.
The United States of America is a presidential republic consisting of fifty states,
each of which has its own government. The present constitution was proclaimed
in 1787 in Philadelphia. So, the President is the head of state. But the President
is elected directly by the people and he is not a member of the American
parliament, Congress. The President is elected for four years.
Congress, the legislative branch of the federal government, is made up of the
Senate and the Houses of Representative.
There are 100 senators, two for each state. The House has 435 members, the
number of representative from each state depends on its population. Congress
makes laws and each house of congress can introduce a new project. Each can
vote against the project passed by the other. If both houses agree the project
becomes law. The senators are elected to serve for a period of 6 years.
Election day is always in the month of November, on the first Tuesday after the
first Monday.
Americans who are not yet 25 have no right to be elected to the House of
Representatives, and those who are under 30 cannot be elected to the Senate.
In the USA there two main political parties, the Democratic Party and the
Republican Party.
The President and his administration represent the executive branch of the
federal government. The Administration includes the Secretaries who are heads
of the executive departments. Each department is responsible for a specific area.
The president appoints the Secretaries but the Senate must approve his
The legislative and the executive branches of government are involved in the
system of checks and balances.
1. Choose the correct item.
- (Two/ten) senators represent each state.
- The number of Representatives from each state (doesn’t
depend/depends) on its population.
- Each house of Congress can (introduce/represent) a new project.
- (The President/The Senate) appoints the Secretaries.
2. Choose the right version.
1. The US Government has … branches.
a) three b)four c) five
2. The highest law in the USA which describes the powers of the
national government and the powers of the state government it …
a) the Congress b) the Constitution c) the President
3. People who work in the US Senate are called senators and people who
work in the House of Representatives are called …
a) housemen
b) congressmen
c)members of Parliament
4. The US President’s term is …
a) 2 years b) 4 years c) 6 years
3. Answer the questions.
1. What kind of state in the USA?
2. Which institution represents the legislative branch of power?
3. Which institution represents the executive branch of power?
4. For how long is the President elected?
5. Which official in the USA are elected and which are appointed?
6. Is the head of state elected directly by the people in the USA?
7. Can the people of the USA exercise their power through their