Сценарий "Welcome to Malokarachaevsky district"

“Welcome to Malokarachaevsky district
Основные задачи:
введение национально-регионального компонента с использованием ИКТ,
закрепление пройденного лексического материала,
повышение интереса и уважения к культуре родного края,
воспитание национального духа.
Оборудование: флаг Карачаево-Черкессии, герб Карачаево-Черкессии, проектор,
экран, презентация.
Pupil 1: Dear friends! Welcome to our settlement Malokarachaevsky district. My native
settlement is situated in the KarachayCherkess Republic. The Malokarachaevsky district is
the biggest and the most economically developed region in our republic.
Malokarachayevsky district is an administrative and a municipal district (raion), one of ten
in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Russia. It is located in the east of the republic. The
territory of the district is 1,365 square kilometers (527 sq mi).[ Its administrative center is the
village of Uchkeken. The population is 43,318
Malokarachayevsky District was founded in 1922.
Pupil 2: My native place has favourable climate, what contributes to agriculture development.
Sheep and cattle farming prevail in my area.
Pupil 4: One cannot help falling in love with this land. It is kind and hospitable, generous
and cordial. It is proud and free and beautiful.
It has picturesque sceneries. My native settlement becomes especially beautiful in spring when
there are great many flowers in flower-beds and everything is in blossom.