Тест "Travelling for Health" 6 класс

Theme:” Travelling for Health”
The aims of the lesson:
а) educational: to introduce students with new words and to review grammar
b) developing: to develop the students’ reading, writing and speaking skills and
enlarge their vocabulary
c) up - bringing: to bring up the students’ interest for the health
Materials: Slide show, pictures, cards
I. Organization moment Ұйымдастыру кезеңі
Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! How are you getting on today? What shall
we do today? We are going to deal with the very important problem and the theme
of lesson you'll find by yourself. So we have a lot of work today. Let us begin.
1. Who is on duty today?
2. What date is it today?
3. What season is it now?
4. What day of the week today?
5. How is the weather today?
II. Warm - up. Фонетикалық жаттығуT: Good morning, boys and girls! I’m Glad
to see you! How are you today?
P: I am fine (good, excellent, great, OK, all right, so-so) thanks.
T -Now let’s check your homework. Look at the monitor.
a. Mountaineering is a _____sport.
b. Kostanai is an _________town.
c. The weather in London is____.
d. My father is a _________businessmsn.
e. Almaty has a problem of air_____.
f. My father _____me, because I broke his car.
g. I ______all my friends to me birthday.
h. We _____Women’s Day on the 8 th of March.
1)Now. I will reed the text AND you listen to me.
Robert Midhurst is 65 but he looks much younger Last year he was in Europe and
North Africa on a bicycle for more than six months Last September the weather in
Britain was very bad so Robert got
on his bicycle in London and went to Dover At Dover he took a ferry After three
days he reached Paris but in Paris the weather wasn t better than in London It
rained all the time Again he got on his bike and started the journey to Spain Robert
likes France a lot He travelled slowly The weather got better The days were very
sunny and warm It was late October when he arrived in Spain
For five days he travelled carefully because there were strong winds and it often
rained At the beginning of November the weather got better The sun shone brightly
but beaches were often empty He left Spain at the beginning of December In
December he was in India It was very hot there The journey was very interesting
He came back to England by plane/
Роберт Midhurst 65, но он выглядит гораздо моложе в прошлом году он был в
Европе и Северной Африке на велосипеде в течение более шести месяцев
прошлого сентября погода в Великобритании была очень плохо так Роберт
на своем велосипеде в Лондоне и отправился в Дувр В Дувре он взял паром
После трех дней он добрался до Парижа, но в Париже погода WASN т лучше,
чем в Лондоне шел дождь все время он снова сел на велосипед и начал
путешествие в Испанию Роберта любит Францию много Он медленно
путешествовали Погода получили лучше дни были очень солнечно и тепло
было в конце октября, когда он прибыл в Испанию
в течение пяти дней он путешествовал осторожно, потому что там были
сильные ветры и часто шел дождь в начале ноября погода стала лучше
Солнце светило ярко, но пляжи были часто пустым Он оставил Испания в
начале декабря В декабре он был в Индии было очень жарко путешествие
было очень интересно Он вернулся в Англию на самолете
2)T- Read exercise number 4 /translate.(we will work in 3 groups )
Ok/ Time is over and l’ll check !
is it correct? (yes/no)
4) T- Read exercise number 6 and translate.
Home work:
exercise number 6 on page 96, read and learn the dialogue.
Контроль сформированности новых знаний.
exercise 6: answer the questions BELOW.
T: Today we spoke about different countries and places. I saw that everyone has
his own opinion about travelling.
Домашнее задание:
Home work:
exercise number 6 on page 96, read and learn the dialogue.