Тест "Условные предложения первого, второго и третьего порядка"

Условные предложения первого, второго и третьего порядка
1.Переделайте предложения, содержащие реальные условия , в
1)We’ll buy this house if we save some money.
2)If I am free I’ll help him.
3)I’ll understand him if his pronunciation is good.
4)We won’t go hiking if it is cold.
5)If I can’t come to the party I’ll let you know.
2.Переделайте предложения, содержащие малореальные условия, в
нереальные, относящиеся к прошлому:
1)If I had warm clothes on I wouldn’t get cold (yesterday).
2)If the ambulance arrived in time she wouldn’t die.(then).
3)If I knew her phone number I’d phone her.(last Sunday).
4)If I were not tired I wouldn’t miss the performance.(last week).
5)I wouldn’t hurt my leg if I saw the fallen tree.(when we were in the forest)
3.Отреагируйте на ситуацию, употребив 2-й или 3-й тип условного
1)We are not going to buy this house. It’s very expensive. But if it…
2)She doesn’t go out very often because she is often unwell. But if she…
3)I didn’t go to the party because I was not invited. But if I…
4)I didn’t stay in London long because the weather was bad. But if the weather
5)The soup doesn’t taste good because it has much salt in it. But if it…
Choose the right variant:
1.When you … tomorrow, I’ll be in Moscow.
a)’ll be waken up c)woke up
b)’ll wake up d)wake up
2.If I… enough money, I would go to Japan.
a)’ll have c)had
b)have d)had had
3.If you… harder last year, you …all your exams.
a)worked-passed c)had worked-would pass
b)work-‘ll pass d)had worked-would-had passed
4.If I… you, I… at home.
a)was-stayed c)am-‘ll stay
b)’ll be-‘ll stay d)were-‘d stay
5.I’ll help him if I … next week.
a)’ll be free c)am free
b)were free d) free
6.We would stay a little longer if we… so busy.
a)were not c)had not been
b)are not d)are not been
7.I’m sure Jack… to the yesterday’s party if he had been invited.
a)had come c)will have come
b)will come d)would have come
8.If I… you, I’d tell the police.
a)were c)had been
b)are d)’ll be
9.If he …the whole story, he … differently.
a)heard-would have acted c)will hear- will act
b)had heard-would have acted d)have saved-‘d bought
10.If we … enough money, we … a new car.
a)save-‘ll buy c)’ll save-‘ll buy
b)saved-‘ll bought d)have saved-‘d bought
11. If I …English better I… this text.
a)know-translate c)will know-will translate
b)had learned-had done d)had learned-would have dona
12.If father… a negative answer, I… much upset.
a)’ll give-‘ll be c)gives-‘ll be
b)gives-‘d be d)gives-‘ll
13.If we … enough time then, things… easy.
a)had had-would been c)had-would be
b)had had-would have been d)had-will be
14.If I … a good sleep, I… work out the problem.
a)’ll have-can c)have- could
b) have-‘ll can d)have-‘ll be able to
15.If I … him, I’ll tell him everything.
a)will see c)see
b)will be seeing d)saw
16. If I… my hair blue, everyone… at me.
a)dyed- will laugh c)died-would laugh
b)dyed-would laugh d)have dyed-would laugh