Урок английского языка "Средства массовой информации" 7 класс

Урок то теме
«Средства массовой информации»
7 класс
Тихонова Ольга Владимировна
Учитель английского языка
Саратов 2018
Урок то теме «Средства массовой информации»
1. Организационный момент
Good morning, boys and girls. I am glad to see you. How are you today?
OK. We have some guests today. Let’s say good morning to them. ….
Lets start our lesson. What date is it today?
2.Определение темы урока учащимися, постановка задач (что нужно
Now, children, look here. What are these things? What are we going to
speak about? Can you guess? …. Right you are. We are going to speak about
mass media. How can you name the theme of our lesson? ….
So, the theme of our lesson is “Mass media”. What do you think we should
we do at our lesson? …. We should…. What are all these skills and
activities for? … Good. We need these skills for our practical
communication, don’t we?
3. Повторение слов и выражений по теме.
Before speaking about the media let’s review some words and phrases. Look at
the blackboard, listen and repeat after me. Pay attention to the sound [k]….
- To provide us with
- To make me feel
- To feel
- To be popular with
- Glossy and colourful covers [k]
- Comfortable [k]
- To include
- To contain
- To inform
- To entertain
4. Беседа по теме «Средства массовой информации.
Now I want you answer my questions:
- What types of mass media do you know?..... OK good.
- What do the newspapers provide us with?
I have got some headlines. Here they are. Read and match them to the
newspaper sections.
(Учащимся предлагается задание на соответствие заголовков и газетных
Read the headlines and match them to the newspaper sections.
A. Big Fires in Britain
B. Pisces get ready for a great summer
C. Friends final episode on channel 5 tonight
D. Summer hair repair secret!
E. Tom Cruise is getting married again!
F. Heatwave strikes Athens on Monday and Tuesday
1. TV guide
2. Weather report
3. Gossip
4. Beauty advice
5. Horoscope
6. International news
- What does the TV provide us with? Look at the TV guide and fill the
correct word or phrase.
(Учащимся предлагается задание на словарную работу: вставить
нужное слово.)
- What does the radio provide us with?
You know, I heard some interesting information on the radio 2 days ago.
(Учащимся предлагается задание на аудирование. Аудирование взято
из рабочей тетради к учебнику).
Look. What do you think the article is about? …..Listen to it and check.
What news does it present? What is there on the 1
floor? On the 2
On the 3
- What about the Internet? What does the Net provide us with? Is it important
in our lives? Read the essay and choose A,B or C answers to complete the
sentences…Well done.
(Учащимся предлагается задание на работу с текстом. Задание –
- You know, I am crazy about reading magazines. I enjoy reading magazines
which contain interesting articles about celebrities and their lives. My
favourite magazine is «Karavan of stories».
You see, I bought a cool English magazine yesterday. It was very
interesting. As I was reading it I found a very exciting article. Here it is. I
want you to read it. …But there are some gaps in the article. The task is put
the verbs in the Past Simple or Past Continuous. ( Вспомнить правила
употребления времён, их образование) . How do you feel?...
Read the text and put the verbs in the Past Simple or Past Continuous.
Many years ago people 1________ about tea though drinking
tea 2 _______ very popular in the East.
One day a sailor 3______ back from India. He 4 ______ his
mother a gift. It 5______ a box of tea. His mother 6______
excited. She 7 _______ the smell and 8 ______ her friends to
come and try it.
The next day the friends 10 ____ . When the sailor 11_____
he 12 ______ a big plate filled with tea-leaves. The guests
13 ______ tea-leaves with butter and salt. They 14______
they 15 ______it but it 16 _____ clear
they 17______ eating the leaves. They 18____ surprised.
The sailor’s mother 19 ______ the water away.
not to know
come / bring
be/ feel
like/ invite
eat/ pretend
like /be
not to enjoy/feel
What about you? Do you like reading magazines? Who are they for? What
do they have inside? What is your favourite magazine? How do you feel?...
5. Работа в парах (составление диалогов)
Now, boys and girls you have to make dialogues.
Discuss your favourite magazines. You may do it in pairs . Use the
following questions:
Do you…?
What is….?
Why do you V ?
How do you V ?
6. Рефлексия ( результат работы, оценивание обучающимися собственной
учебной деятельности).
And the last thing . I want to give you a horoscope for today. I am sure it is
good and lucky.
A horoscope for today
You are having a good day. It will bring you good emotions and impressions. You
feel excited and happy. You will have only good and excellent marks today. Try
your best and everything will be OK. Good luck!
Our lesson is going to an end. What are the results of it? What can you do after
the lesson? Finish the sentences:
= Now I know…
= Now I can….
=It was interesting …
= It was difficult…
What marks have you got? Give marks to yourselves. ….What about the
homework? What kind of homework would you like to do?
The lesson is over. Thank you for the lesson. Good bye.
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