Презентация "English calendar. What do days' and months' names mean?"

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English calendar. What do days' and months' names mean? The work is made by Kseniya Androsova 9V School № 40 The director Yuliya G. Bogdanova, English teacher



Goal of the project: Studding of origin of months' and days' titles in the English language. Tasks: 1. Study the literature about problem. 2. Find history of months' and days' names. 3. Conduct a quiz for students' review of days' and months' titles. 4. Establish and start using training aids for 3-5 classes. Hypothesis «Days' of the week and months' titles were occured from gods' names, that's why we use capital letters to write them» The first Egypt calendar Sunday Sun’s day + Dies Solis + Day of the Sun + Dominica + Day of God = Sunday Monday Moon’s day + Dies Lunae + Day of the Moon = Monday Tuesday Tyr’s Day + Dies Martis + Tiwesdaeg + Tiwesday + Tiu’s Day = Tuesday Wednesday Woden’s Day + Dies Mercurii + Wednesdaeg + Wodnesdaeg + Wednesdai = Wednesday Thursday

Thor’s Day + Thursdaeg =Thursday

Friday Freya’s Day + Dies Veneris + Frigedaeg + Fridai = Friday Saturday Saturn’s Day + Dies Saturni = Saturday


February March April May June



September - the 9th

October - the 10th

November - the 11th

December - the 12th

The questionnaire 1. How many months are there in the year? 2. What month does start spring? 3. What month is the first in the year? 4. How many days have we got in the week? 5. Is Sunday a last day of week?

Ксения Андросова

9В МБОУ г. Астрахани

«СОШ№ 40»

Пособие для 3-5 классов общеобразовательных школ.

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