Презентация "Следует ли нам согласиться с глобализацией"

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MINI-PROJECT SHOULD WE AGREE WITH GLOBALISATION? DONE BY THE 11th FORMER SCHOOL №484 NAMED AFTER THE TWICE HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION V. I. POPKOV MARIAMI TAVDISHVILI ENGLISH TEACHER L. A. KOMISSAROVA MOSCOW, 2018 SHOULD WE AGREE WITH GLOBALISATON? To answer the main question firstly we should answer another question : Why is everyone talking about globalisation? A country becomes a mixture of different nationalities, cultures and religions. This mixture has influenced all spheres of life: literature , music , art , fashion and everyday habits and routines. People born in various countries have brought their traditions, rituals and food. It is the problem for some people to worry about because they don’t like this process. What is it and when did it start? Globalization is the process with the help of which the world turns into the consolidated system. This process changes the structure of the world economy. This economy is considered as an aggregate of national economies connected with each other by the system of international labor division , economic and political relationships. Some features of globalisation have already appeared in the antiquity epoch. So Roman Empire claimed its power over the Mediterranean Sea territory. It has brought to the deep mixture of different cultures and appearance of the interregional division of labor in this territory. The origins of globalisation come to the XII-XIII centuries when in Western Europe stormy growth of the European trade and formation “European world economy” started simultaneously with the beginning of development of market capital relationships in Western Europe. In the XVI—XVII centuries the stable economic growth in Europe was combined with the succsesses in sailing and geographical discoveries. It was the result of Portuguese and Spanish merchants’ landing all over the world who were engaged in the colonization of America. It is good or bad or inevitable? It is good for a country's economy but it isn’t very good for its people who respect and appreciate their culture, traditions, customs, religion and their country’s heritage. Some people think that it isn’t right cultures to be mixed. What are some of examples of globalisation in our country? There are so many foreign shops, banks and the companies located in our country. Foreign languages are spoken very often in many places and foreign music and songs are listened to everywhere. We watch foreign films or serials, buy foreign clothes. To my mind, globalisaton gives much more better opportunities not only for a country but also for a person separately. I am positive towards globalisaton because it can open the door to a better future.