Контрольная работа "Условные предложения" 11 класс

МБОУ «Большеберезниковская средняя общеобразовательная школа»
Контрольная работа по английскому языку
по теме «Условные предложения»
для 11 класса
Кондракова Лариса Васильевна
учитель английского языка
Структура работы: работа состоит из двух вариантов; включает в себя следующие
задания: перевод условных предложений на английский язык, ответы на вопросы с
использованием условных предложений, тестовое задание на выбор правильной формы
глагола в условных предложениях 1, 2, 3 видов.
Цель работы: контроль знаний учащихся по теме «Условные предложения»
1.Определите тип условного предложения, переведите:
1) If she studies more, she will be a better student.
2) We would have eaten the food if it hadn’t been so awful.
3) The boss would be angry, if you arrived late for a work again.
4) It would be wonderful if Ann were here with us.
5) If my grandfather had had a chance to study, he would have been a great man.
2. Раскройте скобки:
1. If they feel tired, they (go) to sleep earlier tonight.
2. I (come) if I had time.
3. If I had lost all my money, I (be) very unhappy.
4. If it (rain), she’ll wear her new raincoat.
5. If she (have) a good voice, she would become a singer.
6. I wouldn’t say it if I (be) you.
7. Your friend wouldn’t have phoned you if you (not/ meet) her in the street.
8. If we (take) a taxi, we wouldn’t have missed the train.
3.Answer the questions:
1. Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?
2. What would you do if it were Sunday?
4. Choose the correct item.
1. If I move / I’ll move to Boston, I will live on Main Street.
2. If we were late for class, our teacher will be/ would be angry.
3. If you call / you’ll call your mother, she’ll be very happy.
4. If you had phoned me yesterday, I had told / would have told you the news.
5. If I had known / would know it was your birthday, I would have sent you a card.
6. If the mechanic fixes our car on time, we drive / well drive to Center villa.
7. If I studied/ will study harder, I would get better marks.
8. If it rains / itll rain today, we won’t go to the park.
5. Finish these sentences.
1. We would go to the cinema if …
2. If I weren’t busy, …
1.Определите тип условного предложения, переведите:
1) If the weather weren’t rainy on Sunday, we would go to the forest.
2) We would have organized the competition better if you had told us about it a month before.
3) These plants won’t grow if you don’t water them.
4) He wouldn’t have passed his exam last week if he hadn’t studied hard.
5) If I had been to London, I would have visited the Tower.
2. Раскройте скобки:
1. If you (eat) too many cookies after dinner tonight, you will get a stomachache.
2. If I (be) you, I wouldn’t buy that car.
3. If you invited her to the dance, she (be) very pleased.
4. If I drink too much coffee, I (get) a headache.
5. If you (write) him a letter, he would know our address.
6. If you had phoned me before you came, you (find) me at home.
7. If I (not/ wake up) early yesterday, I would have been late for classes.
8. We (leave) without her if she arrives late.
3.Answer the questions:
1. What film would you have seen if you had gone to the cinema yesterday?
2. Where would you like to go if it were holidays now?
4. Choose the correct item.
1. If I’m not in a hurry tonight, I visit / I’ll visit to her.
2. If we would live/ lived on another planet, we would see the Earth in the sky.
3. If she isn’t / won’t be sick, she’ll go to school.
4. If you had come to see the film, you had enjoyed / would have enjoyed it.
5. If Tim drove / had driven more carefully, he wouldn’t have crashed.
6. If they’re / they’ll be tired tomorrow, they won’t go to work
7. If I had lots of money, I gave/ would give some to all my friends.
8. If John doesn’t buy/ won’t buy a new car, he’ll buy a motorcycle.
5. Finish these sentences.
1. If the weather is bad tomorrow,
2. I would have gone to the swimming pool with you yesterday, if…