Проверочная работа "Условные предложения" 9 класс

I. Drag the words to make the phrases.
1.a costumed a) an office clerk
2. learn a foreign b) instructions
3. work as c) a bell
4. apply for a d) character
5. deliver e) language
6. require f) with the studies
7. follow detailed g) job
8. ring h) special qualifications
9. to catch up i) post
II. Translate into Russian.
1. If I worked as a cook, I would make only sweet soups and fruit desserts.
2. If you hadn't left the fish on the table for the night, the cat would not have eaten it.
3. If you watch the film, we will discuss it with you.
4. She will get her driver's license when she turns eighteen.
5. If I were you, I would visit him.
III. Match two halves of the sentence.
1. If I had worked in summer
2. If I had asked his phone number
3. I would apply for a position of ranger
4. If it rains
5. If I hadn't lost my passport
6. She would be surprised
a) we would have arranged the meeting
b) we will stay at home and play chess
c) I would have had enough money to buy a
d) if I were stronger
e) if she read the news
f) I would have gone to India for summer
IV. Read the text for detail and mark the statements true (T), false (F) or not stated (NS)
A Great Painter (художник) and a Great Doctor
Joseph Turner was a great English painter. He had a dog which he loved very much. One day he
was playing with his dog. The dog fell and broke its leg. Turner sent for a doctor. But he did not
want to send for a vet (ветеринар). He sent for the best doctor in London.
When the doctor came Turner said, "Doctor, I'm glad you have come. My dog has broken a leg. I
know that you are too great for this work, but please, do it. It's so important to me."
The doctor was angry but he did not show it.
Next day the doctor asked Turner to come to his house. "The doctor wants to see me about my
dog," Turner thought.
When Turner got to the doctor's house the doctor said, "Mr. Turner, I'm glad to see you. I want to
ask you to paint (покрасить) my door. I know that you are too great for this work, but please, do
it. It's so important to me."
1. If the dog hadn't fallen, it wouldn't have broken its leg.
2. If Turner hadn't sent for a doctor, the dog would have died.
3. If Turner hadn't loved his dog, he wouldn't have sent for the best vet.
4. If Turner hadn't asked the doctor to help his dog, the doctor wouldn't have been angry.
5. If Turner hadn't been a great painter, the doctor wouldn't have asked him to paint his door.