Презентация "Back together" Spotlight 4

Подписи к слайдам:
Back together! Today we are going to see our friends again Listen to a song, please! Imagine that you don’t know each other. Introduce yourself to someone new.
  • -Hello! My name’s Irina Alexandrovna. What’ your name?
  • -Hello! I’m Lena. (My name’s Lena.)
  • - Nice to meet you, Lena.
Let’s have a break!
  • -Look at me and do with me!
  • -We are swimming!
  • -We are playing soccer!
  • -We are dancing!
  • -We are playing basketball!
  • -We are drawing!
  • -We are riding a bike!
Look at the chart at page 5. You have to ask your friends and find someone who can swim? Who can play soccer and so on.


Can swim.

Can play soccer.

Can dance.

Can play basketball.

Can draw.

Can ride a bike.