Контрольная работа "Conflicts" 9 класс

Контрольная работа по английскому языку по теме Conflicts”.
1. Fill in:
a. more conservative b. reunion c. signs d. human e. wheelchair
1. Old people are usually ____________than young people.
2. Are you planning to have a family _________________at Christmas?
3. People who are unable to walk use a _____________________.
4. What mathematical ____________did you learn?
2. Match the words with the defenitions:
1. get on a) finding or learning something
2. contrary (adj) b) to offer (food, information, help, etc)
3. relax (v) c) to have comfortable or friendly relations
4. discovery (n) d) the opposite (opinion idea, advice, etc)
5. provide (v) e) to calm down or to rest
3. Rewrite the sentences using reported speech.
1. Gerry asked, “Can you lend me some money?”
2. “There is no paper in the box”, she said.
3. He said, “I am living in London now.”
4. “Be ready! At 5 o`clock we must be at business centre”, says Angela.
5. I asked, “Where has Tom gone?”
6. “I am sorry, I am late. I lost my way”, he says to our guide.
4. Choose one of these modal verbs from the box to complete the sentences.
Can may should must
1. You … (shouldn’t/must not) go to school if you have a high temperature.
2. The exam is next week. So you … (must/can) study hard.
3. I will cook everything for the party, so you … (should not/mustn’t) bring any food.
4. He needs more exercise, he … (should/can) go to a gym.
5. I … (can’t/may not) speak Italian very well because I didn’t learn it at school.
6. Sam … (must/should) leave the party early because his wife disappeared.
7. You … (must/can) to apologize.
8. We … (shouldn’t/mustn’t) book a room in advance. They always have some vacant rooms.
9. Your hair looks awful. You … (can/should) get it cut.
10. Visitors of our hotel … (may/can) use the car park.
11. I’m not sure but Bob … (should/must) be in England now.
12. … (Must/May) I use your mobile phone?
13. Tom doesn’t answer the phone. His car … (should/must) be in a tunnel now.
5. Write the sentences using the complex object
1. The Smiths want_______________ (we, visit) them next month.
2. Do you want ______________ (she, post) the letter for you?
3. When do you expect ____________________ (they, arrive) ?
4. Alice didn’t want ______________________ (the exams, start) in April.
5. Don’t make ____________________ (I, repeat that again).
6. The teacher let ___________________ (the class, go) home early.
7. She wanted ____________________ (her husband, borrow) some money to buy a car.
8. I advised _____________________ (he, become) a very experienced driver.
9. Nobody expected ___________________ (we, leave) the room.
10. Tim didn’t want _____________________ (Richard, be invite) to the party.
11. She made ________________________ (her daughter, do the chores).
12. What made ______________________ (you, believe) him?
13. Let ________________________ (Mary, explain) you everything.
6. Read the text and fill in the blanks:
When children grow into their teens, they and their parents tend to become less happy with each
other and quarrel more often. Then reasons for ____
_____ vary from the children’s poor
progress at school up to their wrong choice of friends. Teenagers often complain that their
parents _____
_____ them from going out at weekends and dictate how they should behave.
Teenagers often rebel. They want to demonstrate how grown up and _____
_____ they are,
which is usually far from what they really feel.
Psychologists think that it’s very difficult to _____
______ all the conflicts between parents and
their teenage children. Children fight for their independence and ______
______, they may
sometimes behave inappropriately. Teenagers are entering a new phase of their life and are often
not able to cope with new emotions. Sometimes they want to be left alone so that they can
process the new feelings and experience, and their _____
____ should be respected. Parents need
to understand that their kids are still vulnerable when they are trying to cover their feelings with
a false bravado. So, ____
_____ is not the best way to improve the situation. To avoid conflicts
both sides have to be very _______
______ of each other. But if it happens, a conflict must be
______. Suppressed conflicts can affect _____
____ badly.
a) prevent b) criticizing c) confident d) tolerant e) privacy
f) liberty g) conflicts h) prohibit i) resolved j) relationships