Проверочная работа "Организация Объединенных Наций"

1.The United Nations is an international organization
founded in …..
2.What were the reasons of its founding?
3.When was the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights adopted?
4.Can you name the woman in the photo?
5.The United Nations is currently made up of
…………….Member States.
6.What are the main functions of this organization?
7.Where are the headquarters of the main organs?
8.How many organs do you know?
9.Each of the Member States of the United Nations is a
member of which main organ?
10. What kind of majority is required when the GA votes
on important questions?
11. What kinds of GA sessions can you name?
12. What is the main idea of the Security Council?
13. Which countries are permanent members of the SC?
14. Which organ recommends the appointment of the
15. Who can be the president of the SC?
16. Who is the head of the Secretariat?
17. What is the primary judicial organ of the UN?
18. How many judges make the quorum?
19. How many people are members of the ECOSOC?
20. When was the activity of the Trusteeship Council