Тест "Страдательный залог" 8 класс

Всероссийский конкурс на лучшую методическую разработку «Проверочная
работа по английскому языку»
Тест для 8 класса к учебнику К.И.Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман «Счастливый
английский.ру» к 6 юниту, который называется “When you make a new friend,
ask him, “ What do you read?”. Тест проверяет как усвоена лексика и
1. Choose the correct answers.
1. I’m keen on books. I read ________at school ________ at home.
a) either…. or b) both…and c) neither… nor d) both ….. or
2. I haven’t got a lot of books at home. So I borrow books from the ________ .
a) shop b) museum c) library d) bank
3. I choose books by______ .It’s a summary of the plot of the book.
a) genre b) pictures c) the title d) the blurb
4. I like to read about criminals, robbers and killers. I’m interested in _____ .
a) detective story b) fantasy c) fairy tale d) history book
5. My favourite _____ is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
a) book b) author c) genre d) character
6. It’s worth reading. It’s my ______ .
a) glass of milk b) cup of coffee c) cup of tea d) bottle of lemonade
7. I read _____ biography ____ autobiography. It’s boring.
a) either…. or b) both…and c) neither… nor d) both ….. or
8. Romances bored me to ____ .
a) love b) death c) health d) interest
9. Sometimes I read ____ because the plot of the books is scaring, but thrilling.
a) romance b) horror story c) fairy tale d) biography
10. The main _____ are vampires, witches, ghosts.
a) members b) problems c) ideas d) characters
2. Choose the correct translation of the underlined words.
1. Mobile phones are used by millions of people.
a) использовали b) используют c) будут использовать
2. A lot of houses were built last year.
a) строят d) построили c) построят
3. The present will be bought in a day.
a) купят b) купили c) покупают
4. Masha was given a computer last week.
a) Маша подарила b) Маше подарят c) Маше подарили
5. I will be shown a new film tomorrow.
a) меня покажут b) мне покажут c) я покажу
3. Fill in the gaps. Choose the correct variant.
1. The doctor _________ in a minute.
a) will be sent for b) is sent for c) send d) was sent
2. The letter ___________ tomorrow.
a) is waiting b) wait for c) will be waited for d) will be waited
3. The radio ________ every day.
a) listen b) is listened to c) will be listen d) is listened for
4. The flat _______ already.
a) clean b) cleaned c) will be cleaned d) has been cleaned
5. The boy _________ two days ago.
a) was laughed b) laughed c) was laughed at d) will be laughed
1 задание
1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a, 5-b, 6-c, 7-c, 8-b, 9-b, 10-d
2 задание
1-b, 2-d,3-a, 4-c, 5-b
3 задание
1-a, 2-c, 3-b, 4-d, 5-c