Конспект урока "«Известные личности Великобритании», «Страдательный залог»"

У «Костанайский высший экономический колледж Казпотребсоюза»
Бердыгулова Гульзайра Талиповна, преподаватель английского языка
г. Костанай, Республика Казахстан
Тема урока «Известные личности Великобритании», «Страдательный залог»
"Қазтұтынуодағы Қостанай экономика колледжi" Мекемесі
Учреждение "Костанайский экономический колледж Казпотребсоюза"
Дисциплина English
Тема ‘Famous people of the United Kingdom’. The Passive Voice.
Сабақтың түрі
Тип урока Combined
Сабақтың мақсаттары
Цели урока
образовательные: To train speaking habits, revision of grammar structures.
развивающие: To develop students’ communicative competences, spontaneous and
preprogrammed speaking; to develop creativeness through the use of information
and communication technologies;
To train the students in free foreign language speaking during preparation of a
project on the topic;
To develop students’ creative self-expression skills while making a presentation
regarding this branch of art and their own understanding of beauty.
воспитательные: To educate character of the students based on universal human
values; to develop activeness and independence, tolerance and respect to other
nations and cultures for successful self-realization; to teach cognitive activity
through the use of foreign language;
Сабақтың жабдықтары
Оборудование урока
көрнекілік құралдар
наглядные пособия: a lecture,
үлестірімді құралдар
раздаточный материал: tables, tasks.
1. Internet resourses
Connection with other subjects: Kazakh language, Russian language, Geography,History
Сабақтың мазмұны
Содержание занятия
Деятельность преподавателя
Деятельность обучающегося
T: Good morning, boys and girls. I am glad to see you.
Sit down, please. Let's start our English lesson. Today at
the lesson we will review all information you have
already studied last lesson, also I will check your
T: So, open your copy - books write down today's date
and the theme of our lesson.
Teacher: Well. How do you characterize this weather
using adjectives?
Students: The weather is cold, the sky is overcast. Snow
Teacher: You are right. What season is it now? (Winter)
What month is it now? (February) Well.
Pupil greeted the teacher. The duty
pupil answers the teacher’s
A phonetic drill:
Look at the blackboard, there is phonetically
I read and you repeat after me.
Lead lid
If-it-tip kit
Did bill
Mil meal
Pill peal
Keel kill
Sit seat.
Pupils listening and reading the
phonetic drill.
Pupils listening and repeating
after teacher.
Checking home work
Let’s remember some grammar themes from your last
They are remembering the themes
from the last lessons. They are
answering the teacher’s questions.
Presentation of the new theme:
Т. I start our theme: Famous people of Great
I read this text with presentation
Let’s start our lesson “Famous People of Great
Britain”. Why namely this topic?
Because Great Britain became great due to its
nation, its scientists, musicians, political leaders,
sportsmen, writers and poets etc.
And if you want to speak English, you should
know famous Englishmen. t is important to
know famous English people. Do you agree?
Great Britain is very rich with outstanding
people and always was. There are lots of famous
British musicians, sportsmen, scientists, writers,
explorers and so on. One of the most important
people of the mankind was Charles Darwin,
who was a great explorer, scientist and a writer.
He has travelled around the world carefully
studying the origin of people and some animals
and then he produced his famous "On the origin
of species" book, where he stated that all human
creatures originated from some simpler creatures
through evolution and natural selection. Another
outstanding Englishman, who has changed the
course of literature and theater development, was
a great writer William Shakespeare. Thanks to
him everybody in the world knows the story of
"Romeo and Juliet". One of the most influential
changes in music world was brought by the
famous English rock band "Beetles". Some of
the band leaders are already gone, but their
music is still as popular as it used to be decades
ago. Isaac Newton was another great man in the
world of science. This prominent Englishmen is
considered to be a founder of physics. Many of
the famous English men are buried in
Westminster Abbey, in London. Speaking about
contemporary celebrities of Great Britain, it's
important to mention some well-known country
They are writing the theme in their
copy books.
Pupils are listening, writing and
answering the questions.
Pupils are listening, reading the
words and writing them into their
leaders, such as Queen Elizabeth II, who has
been a monarch of the country for almost 60
years by now. Among well-known Britons some
sportsmen are worth mentioning, such as David
Beckham - a famous footballer, Paula Radcliffe
- a famous athlete, Steve Redgrave - a famous
rower and many others. Great Britain can be also
proud by some of her prominent artists, such as
Thomas Gainsborough, William Hogarth, Sir
Joshua Reynolds, John Constable and several
Pupils are listening, reading the
Fixing knowledge
Time for Students. (Answer to following
T: Now I would like you to play the game “Who
is the first?”. The game is played in two teams.
Before we start the game, we should appoint jury
members. The team that gives a correct answer
the first gets one point.
Game time: who is the first.
There are two teams
Task 1. Find the “rhyming twins” and write
them down.
Night wear pig wrong eye my let there short
bought long arm trousers Big skirt Farm right
Task2. Read and match. Do you know any
famous British people
(I read about 4 persons)
Task3. Game “snail”
Finish the names and dates of born of the famous
people of Kz.of Rus. And of GB.
T: Now I would like the members of the jury to
announce the results of the game and say who is
During fixing the knowledge pupils
are doing exercises from the copies:
The students translate the words
from English into Kazakh..
the winner of the game.
(Presentations about W.Sheks, Agata Cristie,
C.Dickens, Canon Doyel)
Our time is up. We’ve got to stop. I am happy to
say you’ve done a good bit of work during this
lesson. Your answers were excellent. Your
marks are… Thank you for the lesson and good
H/T: retell the text.
The pupils tell about the theme
of the lesson, their expression.
They are writing their home
task for the next lesson:
- retell the text
- Saying good-bye to teacher.
Teacher: Berdygulova G.T.