Викторина "Знаете ли вы США?" 9-11 класс

Викторина «Знаете ли вы США?»
1. What was Henry Hudson and which geographical feature in New York State is named after
2. The continental U.S. Is divided into how many time zones?
3. Which American state was the last to acquire “state” status?
4. In which state do the highest trees in the world grow and that are they called?
5. What is the name of the first U.S. national park and in which state is it located?
6. Which city in the state of Florida has the same name as a Russian city?
7. In which mountain are the faces of four American Presidents chiselled?
8. In which city and state is Disney World located?
9. Name the six New England states and explain why they are known as “New England”.
10. Name the five Great Lakes: which one is entirely within the U.S.?
11. Name the highest mountain range in the eastern U.S.
12. Which Caribbean Sea island has a commonwealth status with the U.S.?
13. Where is the “Rust Belt” in the U.S.?
1. Give the names of the three ships on which Christopher Columbus made his first voyage to
2. With which “supernatural” event is the old whaling town of Salem, Massachusetts,
3. What was the colonists' motto during the “Boston Tea Party”?
4. In which city and state is the Liberty Bell located?
5. Which country presented the U.S. With the Statue of Liberty? What was the occasion?
6. Which American President was the first to live in the White House?
7. Who were the"Blues" and who were the"Grey" Civil during the American Civil War?
8. Which American architect is called the “Father of the Skyscraper”?
9. Who were the two brothers who invented the airplane and when and where did the first
flight take place?
10. Which American general, who later became the 34th President commanded U.S. forces
during World War ll?
11. Which American President attended the Potsdam Conference?
12. In which U.S. city was the United Nations' Character approved in 1945?
13. Who was the American President during the Cuban missile crisis?
14. Which American astronaut first stepped on the surface of the Moon and what was the year?
What the name of his spaceship?
1. Which 19th-century American writer is said to be the founder of the detective genre?
2. Name the American science fiction writer born in Russia who wrote ”I, Robot” .
3. Which two novels by Mark Twain are often called “the first modem American novels”?
4. During which periods in American history was the novel “Gone with the Wind” set?
5. Which famous American document begins with the words, “We, the people of the United
States, in order to form a more perfect union...”?
Culture and sports
1. In which famous location do people in New York City celebrate New Year's Day?
2. What are the ingredients of a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner?
3. What do the terms “melting pot” and "salad bowl" mean to U.S. society and culture?
4. Which art museum in New York City is a spiral-shaped building and what is the name of the
architect who built it?
5. who the American composer who wrote”West Side Story”?
6. Who is the famous American dancer, singer and actor who acted in many films together with
his partner Ginger Rogers?
7. Which American rock-and-roll star lived in Memphis, Tennessee?
8. Which American silent-movie star is called the “Little Tramp”?
9. What monument in Washington D. C, dedicated to an American President, nicknamed “The
10. What is the name of the awards given to the best movie actors and actresses each year in the
11. Which sport is considered to be the national pastime of America?
12. Under which two names did the most famous American boxer of the 1960s - 1970s fight in
the ring?
13. What do Americans call the championship game of American football?
14. In which U.S. city were the 1996 Summer Olympics held?
1. Explain the symbolism of the stars and the stripes on the U. S. flag.
2. In which city did the First Continental Congress meet in 1774?
3. Which U.S. legal holiday - held every four years - falls on the first Tuesday after the first
Monday in November?
4. When did American women receive the right to vote?
5. Who was the first President elected as a member of the Republican Party?
6. Name the longest serving U.S. President.
7. Who was the youngest elected President in the history of the U.S.?
8. What is impeachment? Name one President it threatened.
9. Name the two political parties in the U. S. and the animals that symbolize each party.
1. An English explorer; the Hudson River.
2. Four.
3. Hawaii.
4. In California; “redwood”, or “sequoia” .
5. Yellowstone; in Wyoming .
6. St. Petersburg.
7. In Mount Presidents Rushmore, South Dakota.
8. In Orlando, Florida.
9. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut; named by
Captain John Smith for their resemblance to the coast of England.
10. Lakes Huron, Erie, Ontario, Michigan, Superior; Lake Michigan.
11. The Appalachian Mountains.
12. Puerto Rico.
13. In the industrial north central and north-eastern states.
1. Mayo, Pinto, Santa Maria.
2. Witchcraft.
3. No Taxation Without Representation” .
4. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
5. France; the 100-year anniversary of the Franco-American alliance during the American War
of Independence.
6. John Adams, the 2nd U.S. President.
7. The"Blues" were the North(Union), the “Greys” were the South (Confederacy).
8. Louis Henry Sullivan.
9. Orville and Wilbur Wright; 1903; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
10. Dwight David Eisenhower.
11. Harry Truman.
12. In San Francisco, California.
13. John F. Kennedy.
14. Neil Armstrong; 1969; Apollo 11.
1. Edgar A. Poe.
2. Isaak Asimov.
3. “The Adventures if Huckleberry Finn” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”
4. Ernest Hemingway.
5. Constitution of the United States.
Culture and sports
1. In Times Square.
2. Turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie.
3. That the U.S. is a country of immigrants who work together as Americans while retaining
their ethnic identities.
4. The Guggenheim Museum; Frank Lloyd Wright.
5. Leonard Bernstein.
6. Fred Astaire.
7. Elvis Presley
8. Charlie Chaplin.
9. Washington Monument.
10. Oscars, or Academy Awards.
11. baseball
12. Muhammad Ali and Cassius Clay.
13. Super Bowl
14. in Atlanta, Georgia.
15. 50 stars - 50 states; 13 stripes - 13 colonies.
16. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
17. Election Day.
18. In 1920.
19. Abraham Lincoln.
20. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
21. John F. Kennedy.
22. A formal accusation against a public official; Andrew Johnson, or Richard Nixon, or Bill