Викторина "British Culture Quiz" 9-11 класс

British Culture Quiz
1) Name two most typical components of a traditional Christmas meal.
2) Name a typical Christmas present.
3) What is the name of the special New Year’s Eve song? When exactly is it sung?
4) What are the New Year resolutions? Give two examples.
5) What card comes unsigned?
6) What events of Christ’s life are commemorated by Easter and what are the two main
Easter days called?
7) Who was believed to be around on Halloween? What is to trick or treat?
8) Match the date with month and name the most famous British holidays: 24, 25, 31, 1, 14,
31, 5 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October,
November, December.
9) Name 5 places where people stay on holiday, starting from the cheapest ones.
10) Give the English names for the following ways of having a break:
a) A day of public enjoyment and entertainment, held out of doors in villages in
summer. Money is collected for special purposes by selling cakes, jam,
homemade woollen clothes;
b) A special occasion in memory of a religious event, marked by public enjoyment
and religious ceremonies;
c) A period of rest from work;
d) The period when universities are closed.
11) «Three women arrived on a boat will return if England is in danger again”. Who is he and
what’s the name of the resting place?
12) Why does the crocodile follow Capitan Hook?
13) In one of the famous British tales a sleepy animal with a long furry tail that looks rather
like a small squirrel is mentioned. What is it called and what tale does it appear in?
14) Fill in the missing words and say what fairy-tale they are taken from: Mirror, …,on the
wall, … of us all?
15) What are the best man’s duties?
16) When and why is it necessary to wear «something old, something new, something
borrowed and something blue»?
17) What is the name of the ring a man gives to a woman before they decide to get married?
On what finger is it worn? What kind of stones does it contain?
18) Name the church where almost all English kings and Queens have been crowned.
19) What English monarch is supposed to have said: «We are not amused»?
20) What’s the name for the London taxi?
21) There are two main stereotypes of ghosts. The first one is universal: it’s that of a faint,
shapeless figure with empty, round eyes which frightens people by wailing. The second
one is typically British. What is it?
22) Fill in the necessary vowels to be able to read the name of the collection of old Welsh
stories about imaginary people or places: mongn.
1) Roast turkey, Christmas pudding.
2) A Christmas stocking with sweets.
3) Auld Lang Syne. Immediately after midnight on a New Year night.
4) Promises to change one’s lifestyle in the New Year, e. g. to stop smoking, to take more
5) A Valentine card.
6) Christ’s death on the cross and return to life. Good Friday, Easter Sunday.
7) The spirits of dead people appeared on that day. Children dress up as witches and
ghosts, shouting “Trick or treat!” People give them sweets or small presents.
8) 24
December- Christmas Eve; 25
December- Christmas Day; 31
December- New
Year Eve; 1
January- New Year Day; 31
October- Halloween; 5
November- Guy
Fawkes Night.
9) Caravan, hostel, self-catering apartment, bed and breakfast, hotel.
10) a) fete, b)festival, c) holiday ,d) vacation.
11) Arthur, the legendary king of Britain. The island to which he was taken was called
12) Capitan Hook lost his hand in a fight with Peter Pen. Peter Pen threw the hand into
the water. It was eaten by a crocodile, who liked the hand so much that it then followed
Captain Hook around trying to catch and eat the rest of him.
13) It’s dormouse, who appears in L. Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland”.
14) Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of us all? The fairytale is called “Cinderella”.
15) The best man is special name for the groom’
male friend at the wedding as they are
believed to bring good luck.
16) A bride is traditionally supposed to wear these things at the wedding as they are
believed to bring good luck.
17) An engagement ring. It’s worn on the fourth of the left hand starting from the thumb.
It usually contains diamonds.
18) Westminster Abbey.
19) These words are believed to belong to Queen Victoria.
20) a cab.
21) This stereotype is that of a young man or women is Elizabethan clothes. They have
had their head cut off and carry it around under their arm. They may have chains round
their arms or legs, while making a clanking sound as they walk.
22) Mabinogion.