Викторина "British Experts” 6 класс

Игра-викторина по английскому языку «British Experts
для 6 класса к учебнику Биболетовой ФГОС 2014
Выполнила учитель английского языка МОУ МГМЛ
Тягульская Н.В.
1. Divide into two teams. Name them. There will be 7 tasks in our quizz. The team which
scores more points will win
2. Let your competitor translate into Russian. Make up a sentence. (Распечатка. По 4
фразы на команду)
-get experience in doing quizzes
-connect with many students from all over the world
-learn about important historic events
-celebrate different national holidays
-do fantastic quizzes
-take part in thrilling competitions
-discuss funny stories
-practise English
3. Fill in the gaps
1. The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
2. The capitals of these parts are: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast.
3. The official name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
4.The name “United Kingdom” was first used in 1707.
5. The United Kingdom consists of more than 5000 islands of different sizes.
6. The national flag of the United Kingdom is called the Union Jack.
4. Quizz (Учебник с. 88 у.55) (распечатка)
5. Answer the questions.
1. What popular words do people know about Great Britain? (the Royal family, a foggy island, old
castles, red buses, football and tea).
2. What are the national symbols of England? (the red rose, the flag is called the St George's Cross)
3. What is the climate of GB like? (is rather cool and changeable)
4. What are the national symbols of Scotland? (the thistle, the flag is called the St Andrew's Cross)
5. What do British people love? (their green gardens)
6. What are the national symbols of Wales? (the daffodil, the flag is called the Red Dragon)
7. What do the British usually eat for breakfast? (eggs, sausages, bacon, smoked fish, fried tomatoes,
fried potato fried mushrooms)
8. What are the national symbols of Northern Ireland? (the clover, the flag is called the St Patrick's
9 What is Britain's favourite drink? (tea)
6. Reading. (Распечатка ) Учебник с. 89 у. 61
Each team should read the text and fill in the missing words. Time is limited.
7. Grammar (Рабочая тетрадь с. 56 у.16)