Конспект урока "In the shop" 4 класс

Ф. И. О. педагога: Котова Г.С.
Предмет: английский язык
Дата проведения: 16.04.2015
Тема урока: In the shop
Тип урока: комбинированный
Цель урока: развитие коммуникативной компетенции обучающихся в области чтения,
аудирования и говорения (диалогическая речь)
Задачи урока: активизировать и закрепить лексику по теме «В магазине одежды»,
развивать навыки аудирования, закрепить навыки ведения диалога на заданную тему с
использованием фразовых клише
Используемые педагогические технологии: ИКТ, обучение в сотрудничестве
Формы работы: фронтальная, индивидуальная, парная, групповая
Методическое обеспечение: интерактивная доска, ОКП-4, мультимедийная
презентация, учебник, рабочая тетрадь.
Используемые ресурсы: Биболетова М.З., Трубанева Н.Н. УМК «Английский с
удовольствием» / “Enjoy English 4”
Ход урока:
Slide 1
T: Good morning, everybody! I am glad to see you.
What date is it today?
Is anybody absent?
What’s the weather like today?
What is your favourite season?
What do you wear in spring / summer / autumn / winter?
What do you put on if the weather is cold / sunny / frosty / rainy?
Today we’ll practice listening and speaking.
Do you know where we are going today?
Slide 2
T: Put the letters in the correct order.
Ss: Possible answers. (Clothes, coat, shoes, shirt, shorts, umbrella, mittens)
T: look at the pictures. What clothes are odd? (Dress, scarf, trainers)
Slide 3
T: OK. Now open your textbooks on page 87, ex. 7.
Make up word combinations with these words.
Blue jeans
New blue jeans
Nice new blue jeans
Clean nice new blue jeans
Slide 4
T: Look at two girls and find out the differences.
Example: Betsy has … on. But Helen has … on.
Ss: Possible answers.
Slide 5
T: Where can we get all these clothes?
Do you like going shopping?
Are you good at doing shopping?
Ss: Possible answers.
The Main part of the lesson
Slide 6
T: We are going to listen to some dialogues and act out ours.
Listen to the dialogue and complete the sentences. Ex. 8 page 88
Slide 7
T: Make up and act out the dialogue “In the shop”
Can I help you?
I would like to try …
What colour?
Does it suit me?
How much is it/ are they?
It looks nice / good / beautiful / cool.
Here you are.
Thank you.
You have some minutes to prepare for your shopping.
Slide 8 T: Welcome to our shop
Slides 9-20 T: Pupils go to the blackboard in pairs and act out their dialogues.
A role play “In the shop”
Additional time (Open your workbooks p. 48 ex. 24-5)
Slides 21 Reflection:
The lesson was very interesting.
I feel satisfaction.
The lesson was OK.
I liked it but I made some mistakes.
I worked hard but I have some questions.
The lesson was boring. I did nothing and
feel unsatisfaction.
T: You’ve worked great today.
Your marks are …..
Slide 22
Your Home task is Ex. 11, 12, 14 page 88-89 and Ex.5 page 97
Slide 23
Our lesson is over. Thank you. Good bye!