Презентация "Королевские дворцы и резиденции в Великобритании" 9 класс

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The British Royal Palaces & Residences Compiled by: Ibragimova A., student Loseva I., English Teacher Shiryaevskiy 2014 The Tower of London
  • It is an ancient fortress in the City of London, formerly a place where the King or the Queen lived and a prison for important people. It is now a museum and the place where the crown jewels are kept, founded in the 11th century.
The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge
  • Tower Bridge is one of the London’s best-known landmarks, a bridge that crosses the River Thames.
Windsor Castle
  • One of the official homes of the British Royal Family in the town of Windsor (45 km west of London). It is the largest inhabited castle in the world.
  • The original castle was built by William the Conqueror, probably in about 1070.
  • The building of the castle include the Round Tower and St. George’s Chapel. The state apartments are open to the public.
The Round Tower of the Windsor Castle St. George’s Chapel
  • Built in 1475 – 1525, in which many English sovereigns are buried. The State apartments contain a valuable collection of paintings, including works by Holbein, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens, Van Dyck and Canaletto.
Windsor Castle Windsor Castle
  • In November 1992 a fire severely damaged part of the Castle, though the Queen’s private apartments were not affected. Reconstruction work will take many years.
One of the interiors of the Castle The Buckingham Palace
  • It has been the London residence of British kings and queens since Queen’s Victoria came to the throne in1837. Its 600 rooms and its grounds occupy site of Buckingham House, built in 1703 by John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham. The present palace – building work started in 1825 – was designed by John Nash.
Buckingham Palace
  • The State apartments are in the west wing of the palace. The Picture Gallery and certain State Rooms at the palace is open to the public in August and September.
  • The Queen’s private apartments are in the north wing and on the opposite side is the Queen’s Gallery, which since 1962 has been open to the public.
Sandringham House in Norfolk
  • It is the Queen’s only private residence in England. It was bought in 1861for the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, as a sporting and agricultural estate. The House was subsequently rebuilt as a large country mansion of red brick and local stone.
Sandringham House Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh
  • This palace is the Queen’s official house in Scotland. It is originated as a guest house of the Abbey of Holyrood. The present building dates from the reign of Charles II (1660 -85) and is largely a work of the Scottish architect, Sir William Bruce. It is open to the public.
Balmoral Castle
  • It is the Queen’s private home in the Scottish Highlands, in the valley of the River Dee in the Grampian region, is where she spend much of each summer. The estate includes grouse moors, forest, the river and several lochs. The grounds of Balmoral are open between May and July.
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