Презентация "the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" 7 класс

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the United Kingdom of Great Britain

and Northern Ireland

What are we going to speak about?

  • geographical location on the map
  • Symbols and flags of the UK-parts
  • Climate
  • Legends of flowers’ symbols

We are going to speak about_____

Step 1. Geographical location

1.Which country is smaller than France and Spain, but it is one of the biggest countries in Europe, consists of 4 states?

2. Which names of countries are used with “the”

What is the GRAMMAR difference between “Russia” and “Russian Federation”?

the United Kingdom of Great Britain

and Northern Ireland

  • What is the official name of the country?
  • How many countries does ___UK consist of?
  • What are the capitals of these countries?
  • When was the name “United Kingdom” first used?





See Ex. 29 p.82

Step 2. Climate in Britain

foggy island

from Latin “albus” - white

The white Cliffs of Dover

What is the Russian “climate name” for Britain?


Saint Petersburg




Northern Ireland





St. George’s Cross

St. Andrew’s Cross

St. Patrick’s Cross

Red Dragon

Ex. 44 p.85

Let’s have a rest!

Clap, clap, clap your hands!

Clap your hands together!

Stamp stamp, stamp your feet

Stamp your feet together!

Touch, touch, touch your ears,

Touch your ears together!

Touch, touch, touch your cheeks,

Touch your cheeks together!

Shake, shake, shake your hands,

Shake your hands together!

Smile, smile at your friends,

Let us smile together!

What? Where? When?

Who won the 30-years war if

the symbol of Great Britain


Step 3. Symbols and flags

Ex.44 and 45 on p.85 will help you

the Union Jack

The flag of the United Kingdom is called the Union Flag or THE UNION JACK.

In 1963, King James 1 of England (or Jack for short) united England and Scotland. Then in 1801, there was the union with Ireland. Now the flag combines the emblems of 3 countries (England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) united under one monarch. Wales is not represented in the flag because it already was united with England in 1606.

What? Where? When?

  • Where is the Red Dragon?
  • Who is Jack?

How did you work at the lesson?

I liked the lesson because it was…….

I didn’t know that……

I work hard and I give me 5

I was not very active at the lesson, I must work hard on the lessons.

I didn’t like the lesson because…….