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St. Patrick's day
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  • St. Patrick's day is a historical Irish holiday. The holiday has British roots. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17
  • It is celebrated in honor of Saint Patrick - the patron Saint of Ireland. The legend says that the Saint banished all snakes from the island, brought to Ireland to Christianity.
  • There are legends about Saint Patrick. According to one of them, Saint Patrick was born in the family of deacon of the local Church of Wales on March 17, 415. He was captured by pirates when he was 16 years old. They brought him to Ireland, where he was in the service of the leader of Milchu. Worked as a shepherd boy. He later wrote that at that period of life prayed many times a day, his faith has been further strengthened. The legend says that after six years he heard the voice of God that told him that she'll be home soon and that he is waiting for his ship. Patrick escaped from captivity and persuaded the captain to take him to the ship.
  • Later he was acquainted with the French Bishop Hermanus (Saint-Germain), helped him to grow in their spiritual development. Over the years, the Saint returned to Ireland in the role of missionary. It was by order of Pope Celestine I. the Mountain of Croagh Patrick was named in honor of St. Patrick because he's forty days and nights he fasted there. According to the legend this mountain and made this Holy miracle. He ordered the snakes from all over Ireland to gather at his feet, after which he expelled them.
  • Autobiography of a Saint, under the name of "Confession" has been preserved to our days, as well as some his message and prayer "Prayer of a deer" ("Shield of St. Patrick"). This prayer protects from all evil. Legend says that with this prayer he and his disciples passed by the ambush opponents of Christianity. And the war in ambush instead of travellers saw, that by them are deer.
  • Traditionally on the feast Day of Saint Patrick are costumed parades with brass bands. Many felt that the Americans have brought this tradition to the holiday.
  • Today is the Holy Day of the Feast is the festival of joy and spring. It is celebrated not only in Britain and Ireland, but also abroad.
  • In this holidays to wear all green and a shamrock attached to clothing. Another symbol of St. Patrick's Day Leprechauns are considered (a fabulous creature), harp and shileyla (oak or thorns staff).
  • Among the best-known folk tradition is the tradition of drinking at least one glass of alcohol at the pub. The most popular drink is whiskey and ale. There is even a so-called "Charca Patrick", which is measured by the number of drunk whiskey. The last glass of whiskey was made to put the shamrock. This is called "dry shamrock." After the last glass was empty, over his left shoulder he had to throw the plant - for good luck.
  • If a person dressed in clothing of a different color - it made pinching
  • People congratulate their relatives and friends and give greeting cards
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