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Компьютер и свободное время Учитель английского языка ГБОУ Гимназии №284 г. Санкт - Петербурга Коженкова Людмила Владимировна Match On sensitive Old held Touch line Hi known Hand fashioned Wide in User tech Well spread Build friendly Computers

What is well-known about the first modern computer?

How did it look like?

When did computer become more wide-spread?

Bill gates

What do you know about this man?

This is the story about Bill Gates. Put the parts In the correct order Bill Gates Correct the mistakes 1. He was born in 1965. 2. His father is a doctor, his mother was a lawyer. 3. His favourite subjects at school were Physics and Biology. 4. He studied at Prinston university. 5. After graduation from the University he started Microsoft. 6. One reason for his success is that Bill has always been very lazy. 7. He hasn’t got much money for his work. Video games Action Shooter Action-adventure Adventure Role-playing Simulation Sports Strategy Survival horror Massively multiplayer online Name the genre of the game Name the genre of the game What is your favourite video game?


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  • Компьютер
  • http://moj-malish.ru/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/uA-4VCJ_5mU.jpg

    2. Первый компьютер


    3. Билл Гейтс


    4. Wareface


    5. CS


    6. Sonic


7. Sims 4


8. Fifa


9. Lord of the rings


10. Видео игры


11. Ребенок