Презентация "My idea of comfortable home" 7 класс

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My idea of comfortable home

Выполнила: Фрунзе Анастасия Сергеевна

Учитель английского языка

МАОУ «СОШ № 99»



The place where you live

The place you are always waited for

The place where cosiness, silence and tranquillity exist

The place where your family is

Property which you bought and nobody will be able to take it away from you

But, what does that mean?

Maybe…it is a big house with large terrace.

Maybe…it is a small house with garden.

Anyway, whatever it was, small or big, it has to be very convenient and suitable for you

Everyone has his own idea of a comfortable home.

As for me, home is one of the most important things in my life, it is a part of me therefore it has to be light, spacious and cozy

I dream to live not in a two or even in a three room apartment, but in a small detached house with a garden and a pool in the backyard.

But even more I want to embody the idea of cosiness and comfort creation in this house. I’d like to arrange everything in the house according to my taste.

Now let me present you my idea of the comfortable home.

  • Before entering the house, you can see its large windows and red tile roof. Everything inside is made of tree, including windows and doors.
  • When you open a big wooden door, you see a light hall with polished hardwood floor, yellow wallpapers and white ceiling. There are also a table with a couple chairs and a mirror opposite to it.

Then you enter a living room with a green coffee table in the middle, and two mini-sofas of the same color with black and white pillows.

There also is a furniture set made of seven small shelves surrounding a big plasma in the center.

Next to the furniture set there is a computer table with a book shelf.

Beautiful green curtains made of organza decorate big windows, making the room light and cozy.














On the ground floor there’s also a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen is a very large room with a big window. There is a gas cooker with a hood, two wall-cupboards and a sink unit there. Near the opposite wall there is a dishwasher, a refrigerator and a table.

Kitchen for a woman is the most important place in the house therefore details here play an important role.

The bathroom spacious also is sustained in blue tones. There should be both a bathtub and a shower

Wardrobe room

One of the most important rooms in life of any woman is a wardrobe room.

This room is intended for clothes, shoes and other stuff that usually lie about underfoot.

It’s not big




Let’s go upstairs and have a look at the bedroom and the study.

As for me it is important to have a bedroom and a study separately.

The first room is bedroom, where I can relax and sleep.

And the second room is study, where I can work hard, and know that nobody can disturb me.


This is a very cosy and warm room. There is a bed, two bedside tables and a wardrobe in the bedroom. The big window overlooks the backyard and it is decorated with beautiful curtains. The walls are in a pastel shade. The big picture by my friend is hung above the bed. As I like reading very much, a night-lamp is the most necessary thing in my bedroom.


  • There is a computer table and a computer, and also stereo system by the window.
  • There is a small case and bookshelf on the opposite side.
  • And also, one of the most important thing is armchair. If you sit too long your back will be tired because of uncomfortable chair-bottom.
  • Houseplants, aquarium, pictures, and the other different additional trifles help me to work in a good climate.

Thank you for your attention