Конспект урока "Popular sports in Britain" 6 класс

Тема урока: Popular sports in Britain.
Цели урока: Узнать новую информацию по теме «Спорт» известные виды спорта в
Британии. Расширить знания учащихся о видах спорта, игр и их значения в жизни
Тип урока: Изучение нового материала по теме «Спорт».
Методы и приемы: Объяснение, беседа, наглядности, презентации.
Наглядности и оборудование: Доска, проектор, экран, слайды, меловые записи.
Деятельность учителя и учащихся
1 этап
начала урока
Good afternoon boys and girls.
Good afternoon dear teachers.
The theme of today’s lesson is «Popular sports in Britain». So we will
talk about different sports in Britain, get new information, discuss some
kinds of sports, see some presentations.
It’s time to start our lesson.
First of all I want to tell you some information about sport in general.
Please listen to me attentively and try to understand.
There is nothing more important than health. “Health is above wealth»
wise people say. You cannot be good at your studies or work well if you
don’t take care of your health.
All over the world people of different ages and nationalities are fond of
sports and games. Sports makes people healthy ,keeps them in good
shape, teaches them more organized and better disciplined. Sport builds
character, it teaches people to win or to lose. It makes them strong and
helps to work off extra energy. And of course sport unites people and
makes them friends.
Teenagers as well as adults participate in a great number of sport events.
They include indoor and outdoor sports such as football, ice hockey,
volleyball, basketball, athletics and so on.
2 этап
Also we prepared some information about popular sports in Britain with
children. Let’s listen to them. Z.А and B.A you are welcome. (Ученицы
рассказывают про виды спорта.)
Thank you girls. It was very useful information. Take your sits.
3 этап
By the way, at our today’s lesson we have guests from Britain. They like
sport very much. And they want to tell us about their favourite kinds of
sport. Let’s listen to them. What kind of sport they like best of all. Dear
guests you are welcome. And today we have our special correspondent
O’k, thank you for your answers. It was very interesting.
4 этап
B.A prepared some puzzles about different sports.
Answers for puzzles:
1) Football;
2) Cycling ;
3) Aerobic;
4) Table tennis.
Thank you. You are the best.
5 этап
O’k. Thank you very much.
I have the last exercise for you. Look at the screen, please. There you can
see short poem about sport.
First I read and you listen to me very attentively.
Then we will read it all together.
You can swim and play football,
Hockey, tennis, basketball.
You can jump and can run.
You can have a lot of fun!
6 этап
Подведем итоги.