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1. History of English Football

2. Modern English Football

3. Success Factors of English Premier League

History of English Football

Football in the 12-th and 13-th centuries

Modern English Football Catastrophic Situation before 1990s
  • Dangerously bad conditions of the old stadiums from the Victorian times.
  • Clashes, riots and hooliganism of English fans.
  • English clubs were banned from competitions in Europe for five seasons.
  • The government was negative to the traditionally working-class sport.
But over the next 10 years positive things happened. Success Factors of English Premier League
  • 1. Coaching. Great coaches such us: Sir Alex Fergusson and Arsen Venger.
  • 2. Strategy.
  • 3. Leadership.
  • 4.Speed of movement and thought.
  • 5. Good fortune.
  • 6. Teamwork.
As a result of this research, we can say, that there are two important groups of factors that make English football and English Premier League successful.